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Spawn's Mega Simi Seal Dubbing
Spawn's Mega Simi Seal Dubbing
Spawn's Mega Simi Seal Dubbing uv coastal chartreuse yellow
uv coastal chartreuse yellow
Spawn's Mega Simi Seal Dubbing tying example
tying example

Spawn's Mega Simi Seal Dubbing


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Spawn's Mega Simi Seal Dubbing

When it comes to sea trout dubbing, Spawn Flyfish has hit the mark with Spawn's UV Mega Dubbing! The selected colors are without a doubt THE colors on the coast - and the whole thing is paired with attractive UV material.

But this easy-to-process dubbing is not only at the top of the table when hunting sea trout, the material is a great material for a variety of flies. However, the dubbing has a special appeal in streamers of any kind as well as salmon flies, whether tube or hook, because exactly for these flies the dubbing has the optimal length. Whether normally tied or by means of a dubbing loop does not matter, the dubbing works wonderfully and gives your fly the final kick, not only because of the conspicuous UV content.

The Spawns Simi Seal gives your bow tie a great body or head, while providing a beautiful silhouette and exuding an irresistible appeal to make your patterns even more successful.


  • Spawns Simi Seal Dubbing in great colors and additional UV material
  • Gives the fly a great volume
  • Works great in the water
  • UV material gives the fly extra attraction
  • Easy to work with or without dubbing loop