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Polar Ultrafine Dubbing
Polar Ultrafine Dubbing
Polar Ultrafine Dubbing white transparent
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Polar Ultrafine Dubbing


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Polar Ultrafine Dubbing

The Polar Ultrafine Dubbing consists of extremely fine, translucent polar fibres. In fact, it is a lot finer than the “classic” Polar Dubbing, and therefore it allows you to create some absolutely fantastic effects and a very realistic appearance. Due to its fibre length of up to 5 cm, it can be used in many different ways – for instance wrapped around the thread or in a dubbing loop. Further, it can be brushed in order to create nice transitions to other materials and a diffuse silhouette. Therefore, it is absolutely brilliant for tying sea trout flies, effective saltwater patterns and small baitfish imitations for targeting all kinds of predators. And of course, you can also use this material for tying very nice trout flies. Last but not least, the fantastic colour selection leaves nothing to be desired, and therefore you will always have the right colour for tying a large variety of flies – whether natural imitations or flashy attractor patterns!

In short: The one and only Polar Ultrafine Dubbing will provide lots of joy – during the process of tying and while fishing. Without a doubt, it will easily convince the most demanding fly tyers and fish!


  • Extremely fine dubbing with very long fibres
  • Made of translucent polar fibres
  • Perfect for tying sea trout flies and all kinds of streamers
  • Super easy to use
  • Length of the fibres: up to 5 cm