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Hareline Ripple Ice Dub
Hareline Ripple Ice Dub
Hareline Ripple Ice Dub electic purple
electic purple
Hareline Ripple Ice Dub tying example
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Hareline Ripple Ice Dub


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Hareline Ripple Ice Dub

The relatively coarse Hareline Ripple Ice Dub is extremely popular, because it can be used in many different ways and for all kinds of flies. In fact, it will create a very tempting effect – whether you mix it with a natural dubbing or you use it on its own. It will provide your flies with an irresistible shine that will simply make them more effective. This effect can already be achieved with a tiny amount of dubbing. Therefore, you can use it to provide your nymphs and dry flies with a very striking appearance. Of course, you can also use it generously, which will lead to amazing results when tying streamers, salmon or sea trout flies. Due to a fibre length of up to 5 cm, it is perfect for brushing and for making dubbing loops. Last but not least, the great colour selection leaves nothing to be desired, which enables very creative fly tying!


  • Synthetic dubbing with a very tempting shine
  • Relatively coarse and very durable fibres
  • Length of the fibres: up to 5 cm
About Hareline:

Hareline started in 1981 in a private kitchen and has grown over time into a large company with nearly 1,700 square meters of production space. Based in Oregon, USA, the company now produces and distributes thousands of products that fly tyers around the world appreciate. Dubbing, in particular, has earned a place in many tying desks, but the remaining materials and accessories also impress with quality and a fair price.