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Future Fly Ultra Mix Dubbing
Future Fly Ultra Mix Dubbing
Future Fly Ultra Mix Dubbing fl. pink
fl. pink

Future Fly Ultra Mix Dubbing


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Future Fly Ultra Mix Dubbing

The Future Fly Ultra Mix Dubbing is really ultra fluorescent! The color really catches the eye. Who doesn´t like it ultra fluorescent, the Ultra Mix Dubbing can of course combine with a normal, synthetic or natural dubbing. To make his favorite patterns, still more catchy. Even small amounts of this Ultra Mix Dubbing reflect the incoming light back strongly and drive the fish crazy! The material is long enough to not only use it to tie translucent bodies of your streamers or tube flies, but also heads for large fluo pike flies or other handsome predators. If you don't use the material with a dubbing loop, be sure to use some super glue to keep the lightweight dubbing from crusting during tying.


  • Fluorescent Dubbing
  • Medium length
  • Easy to process
  • Extremely durable, very strong
  • Synthetic material
About Future Fly:

The Future Fly team knows exactly what demanding fly tyers want: a constant premium quality that leaves nothing to be desired. Therefore, these outstanding fly tying materials are highly appreciated all over the world. In particular, the natural materials such as capes, saddles and furs set completely new standards in terms of quality and colour. In addition, the Danish manufacturer also offers a fantastic range of accessories. Due to their well-thought-out design, these practical tools make even demanding tying steps much easier. Last but not least, Future Fly also presents a modern collection of high-quality salmon and sea trout flies.