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Wapsi Gummi Body
Wapsi Gummi Body

Wapsi Gummi Body


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Wapsi Gummi Body

Gummi Body is a paper-lined, clear, flexible, sticky body material that is adhesive on both sides.

The Gummi Flash Baitfish is a realistic looking fly that is easy to tie and very effective on bass, trout, and many saltwater species.
It is a good fly to learn the basics of working with Gummi Body and Gummi Flash materials.
Use this producct in combination with Gummi Flash Foil to make the most realistic Gummi Baitfishpatterns.
Step by step directions on"how to make a Gummi Baitfish" are included in the package.
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2pcs per pack, 48 mm x 154 mm
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