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Fulling Mill - Original Squirmy Original Squirmy Gummiwürmer
Original Squirmy Gummiwürmer
Fulling Mill - Original Squirmy Pink
Fulling Mill - Original Squirmy hot pink
hot pink
Fulling Mill - Original Squirmy
Fulling Mill - Original Squirmy
Fulling Mill - Original Squirmy Original Squirmy Gummiwürmer Detail
Original Squirmy Gummiwürmer Detail
Fulling Mill - Original Squirmy Bindebeispiel
Fulling Mill - Original Squirmy
Fulling Mill - Original Squirmy
Fulling Mill - Original Squirmy

Fulling Mill - Original Squirmy


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Fulling Mill - Original Squirmy

Some fly fishermen still think of the unpopular 'worm angler' when seeing a squirmy worm or the silicon material it is made of. Although the use of worms is present especially in the stillwater fishery for a long time now. And also on running waters worms (like the 'Vladi Worm' or 'San Juan Worm') are important in special situations: When the river is high and the banks flooded worms become an attractive food source for trout and grayling. In muddy/brown water their silhouette and movements are still able to seduce the fish. A great alternative to streamers!

The Original squirmy material is the key component in a number of highly effective flies including the Squirmy and Squirminator patterns. This is the proper original material that is super mobile, durable and has no ‘curl’ like other copies. A tungsten bead helps to present the fly effectively in faster currents.

Tipp: When fishing on a lake use squirmy worms in combination with a regular indicator or a Bung fly. On the river try to present it like a nymph in dead drift. If that technique doesn't work, lift and lower your rod tip to add extra action to the fly. Best suited are long rods (10ft. - 11ft.) with a sensitive tip (#3 or #4) and the special nymph leaders by Soldarini. When tying, don't use a ultra thin thread, it could cut the material. And don't finish your fly with glue or varnish, otherwise the material gets damaged!



  • 20 strands per pack
  • Length: 13 cm
About Fulling Mill:

Established in the early 1930s, the British manufacturer Fulling Mill is known for high-quality flies. In addition to countless modern patterns, this impressive selection also includes many timeless classics. In fact, all of these flies have one thing in common: their outstanding quality. Therefore, they consist of premium hooks and high-quality materials tied in a very durable way. Summarized, Fulling Mill offers the perfect flies for every type of fishing – whether you’re fishing a trout stream or a saltwater flat!