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Tiemco TMC 413J Jig Hook
Tiemco TMC 413J Jig Hook

Tiemco TMC 413J Jig Hook


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Tiemco TMC 413J Jig Hook

The TMC 413 J is Tiemco's answer to the call for ever better jig hooks. Especially the sensitive nymph fishing with light jigs has become very popular worldwide in the last years (French Nymphing) and is finding more and more followers in this country. The eye of the 413J is angled at approx. 60 degrees, so that your fly floats upside-down in combination with a slotted tungsten bead and the danger of getting caught in the bottom is reduced. The bronze hook has a normal leg length, the gap is a bit wider and the thin tip is very sharp. The small barb can be easily pressed on if necessary. Then the 413J not only penetrates cleanly, but can also be easily released again. The medium-heavy wire is strong enough to release even large trout from the bottom of the river.

  • Nymph Hook (Jig)
  • Upside Down
  • Eye inclined by 60
  • Wide arch
  • Medium weight wire
  • Super sharp, thin tip
  • Color: bronze
  • 20 pieces/SB pack