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Hanak H 270 BL Stillwater & Wet Fly Hook
Hanak H 270 BL Stillwater & Wet Fly Hook

Hanak H 270 BL Stillwater & Wet Fly Hook


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Hanak H 270 BL Stillwater & Wet Fly Hook

The Czech company Hanak should be familiar to every fly fisherman. It became famous not only because of the spectacular success of its hooks at international competitions and development cooperation with renowned competition anglers, but also because all fly fishers appreciate the unique features of Hanak hooks, such as perfectly thought-out design and the use of high-quality components. The exceptionally innovative design of the Hanak hooks increases the efficiency of the hookset and the landing of fish in an incredible way. Almost all Hanak hooks are barbless!

In contrast to the H 280 BL, the H 270 BL has a shorter hook shank to allow more compact patterns to be tied on it. Besides wet fly and Loch-style patterns, nymphs can also be tied on it. The H 270 Bl has a wavepoint hook point.


  • Medium HI-Carbon steel
  • Short hook shank
  • Ideal for tying wet flies and nymphs
  • Barbless
  • Wide hook gape
  • Hook eye angled inwards
  • Extra long, ultra-sharp hook point
  • Wave Point hook point
  • Colour: Black Nickel
  • 25 pieces