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Ahrex HR440 Tube Double Hook
Ahrex HR440 Tube Double Hook
Ahrex HR440 Tube Double Hook
Ahrex HR440 Tube Double Hook
Ahrex HR440 Tube Double Hook Bindebeispiel

Ahrex HR440 Tube Double Hook


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Ahrex HR440 Tube Double Hook

High-quality hooks from Ahrex (Denmark) for demanding fishing, anywhere in the world!


The 'Home Run' series (HR) is specially designed for those fish species that travel many kilometers and exert incredible amounts of energy to return and spawn in their home rivers: Atlantic Salmon, Pacific Salmon, Sea Trout, and Steelhead. All models meet the high demands of fishing for these powerful Anadromous fish and are characterized by a particularly strong wire.


The HR440 is a short-shank double hook, and due to its eye ('needle eye'), is primarily intended for use with tube flies. The hook bend is a bit bigger, which means that even big Salmon, which love to go airborne, can stay buttoned until they meet the net. The strong wire and the chemically sharpened tip is always reliable! If desired, the small barbs can be easily crimped.




  • Double hook for Salmon tube flies
  • Larger hook gap and short shank reliably hooks fish
  • Needle eye works well with tube flies
  • Black-nickel finish
  • Small barbs
  • Chemically sharpened tip
  • 5 pieces per pack


About Ahrex:


The roots of Ahrex (Denmark) are deeply rooted in Scandinavian fly fishing tradition. Inspired by different waters throughout Scandinavia, their goal is to create the best possible hook, PERIOD. Hook without compromise - designed and developed by Scandinavian fly fishermen for use anywhere in the world, Ahrex hooks are made from the highest quality materials and innovative technologies.