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Scott Wave Single Handed Fly Rod
Scott Wave Single Handed Fly Rod
Scott Wave Single Handed Fly Rod
Scott Wave Single Handed Fly Rod
Scott Wave Single Handed Fly Rod
Scott Wave Single Handed Fly Rod
Scott Wave Single Handed Fly Rod
Scott Wave Single Handed Fly Rod
Scott Wave Single Handed Fly Rod

Scott Wave Single Handed Fly Rod


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Scott Wave Single Handed Fly Rod

The new Scott Wave fly rod is a true all-around wonder that not only can be used around the world in fresh and saltwater, but the rod's state-of-the-art technologies also allow it to handle the full spectrum of streamer fishing. Whether it's small streamers or foam flies on a floating line or large, bushy flies on a sinking line, Scott's Wave fly rod handles all of these types of fishing just fine, much more, it excites in every discipline! High standards in manufacturing, as well as the use of the latest technologies have made it possible to develop a lightweight, stable rod, with which Scott inspires us again.

The unmistakable, unpolished blanks from Scott are, as with the Wave, very light and transmit a great feeling in the cast! The use of ReAct and X-Core technologies in the blank ensure that the rod is not only light and soulful, but also give the rod the necessary power and stability! As a result, the Wave fly rod can withstand years of use and perform tirelessly! This is an important factor especially in streamer fishing, because often several hours a day are cast continuously and for years.

In short: The Scott Wave fly rod is a light, powerful fly rod that has a high field of application. Whether casting large dry flies on floating line or heavy game-changers on sinking line, the Wave always gets the maximum power out of the blank, achieves maximum casting distances, and never loses accuracy to precision-Superb!

Scott Technology

  • ReAct: The ReAct technology is a development for fast rods, which are to prove a high recovery speed, the precision and the feeling to the rod however no way may be impaired. ReAct counteracts the energy-sapping vibrations by speeding up the recovery of the blank without having to stiffen the rod with more material. This quickly brings the feeling back to the rod and the angler.
  • X-Core: Improved casting feel, incredible stability and unmatched performance. X-Core combines industry-leading composite technologies with cutting-edge design. This creates a thin, lightweight blank that transmits plenty of feel during the cast, yet is ultra stable.


  • Multi-Modulus: By constantly varying the fiber tensile modulus along the length of the rod, the stiffness and resilience in the blank can be precisely controlled. Scott truly pioneered the use of multi-modulus fiber layups in blank design here, developing a rod that loads and unloads very smoothly.
  • ARC: The new ARC technology increases the strength of the blanks without adding weight. In addition, the strength counteracts torque so that casting accuracy is maintained.
  • Fibrefuse Resin: The new, improved resin system uses a new chemistry to close the bond to the individual graphite fibers. The gain over conventional epoxy resins here is 20%.
  • Natural Finish: Is an unsanded carbon blank that is manufactured to the latest standards. Scott's advanced resin systems penetrate the blank in the process, leaving a durable finish that can withstand even years of abuse.


  • Strong and powerful single-handed fly rod for freshwater and saltwater predators
  • Fast yet sensitive action with high speed of recovery
  • Natural Finish: Unpolished carbon blank according to the latest standards
  • ReAct technology for a very high reset speed, minimizing vibrations and for an impressive casting feel
  • ARC 2 (Advanced Reinforced Carbon) technology for great power reserves and breakthrough stability - even under very high loads!
  • X-Core Technology: A special construction of the blank for a unique combination of stability and a terrific casting feel
  • FiberFuse Resin for more than 20% stronger bonding of the individual blank layers compared to conventional resins
  • Full-Wells handle made of premium cork in truly impressive quality
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Recovery Speed: Fast
  • Flex Profile: Fast

 Note: Classes #10, #11, and #12 are not in stock but can be ordered upon request.

W9064 6 9,0 ft (2,74 m) Full Wells Fast
W9074 7 9,0 ft (2,74 m) Full Wells Fast
W9084 8 9,0 ft (2,74 m) Full Wells Fast
W9094 9 9,0 ft (2,74 m) Full Wells Fast
W90104 10 9,0 ft (2,74 m) Full Wells Fast
W90114 11 9,0 ft (2,74 m) Full Wells Fast
W90124 12 9,0 ft (2,74 m) Full Wells Fast
About Scott:

Established back in 1973, the American manufacturer Scott is known for handcrafted premium fly rods – made in USA! Due to innovative technologies and years of experience in rod design, these rods set new standards in many different ways. They combine amazing casting properties with an impressive lightness and strength. In addition, all models have an extremely stylish and unique design. Therefore, they will easily please the most demanding fly fishermen. Summarized, Scott offers the perfect rod for every type of fishing – whether you’re targeting trout or the strongest saltwater species!