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Loop Q Nymph Single Handed Fly Rod
Loop Q Nymph Single Handed Fly Rod
Loop Q Nymph Single Handed Fly Rod
Loop Q Nymph Single Handed Fly Rod

Loop Q Nymph Single Handed Fly Rod

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Loop Q Nymph Single Handed Fly Rod

Like hardly any other company, LOOP has managed to build up such a large and loyal fan base worldwide in recent years. Until now, however, joining the 'Loop Army' was very expensive, as most of the Swedish fly rods are in the upper price segment. With the introduction of the Q-series, this financial hurdle has been significantly lowered. This was very well received and the Q rods quickly became a great success. With the Q Nymph, the family is now getting a new addition and the extensive rod range is being expanded with a special model.

The Loop Q Nymph is a special rod for modern presentation techniques in the tight line style. Whether for Euro Nymphing or Czech Nymphing: with a length of 10.6 ft. you are very versatile with this rod and can cover most scenarios on the Trout river. But this nymphing rod 'Designed in Sweden' also cuts a fine figure when Barbel fishing, because the progressive bending curve shows that there are some reserves of power in the lower part of the blank under load and when fishing for heavy fish. Like the conventional Q single-handed rods, the Q Nymph offers a very balanced performance, both when casting ultra-thin flying lines and when presenting long mono nymph leaders. The fine tip makes careful takes much more noticeable than with conventional fly rods and thanks to a gentle flex you can also fish with very fine tippets without hesitation.

A beautiful aluminium reel seat with logo embossing, fine orange decorative wraps and a high-quality cork handle with a small fighting butt for better balance round off the positive impression of this modern nymph rod! Furthermore, the Q Series from Loop is a visually very appealing range with impeccable workmanship that will not only please cadets of the 'Loop Army', but will also bring a smile to the face of enthusiastic nymph anglers. If you're looking for a loop rod for nymph fishing but don't want to go into the higher price segment, the Q Nymph is a good choice for you!


  • Ideal taper for modern nymphing techniques
  • Lots of feel and feedback for good bite detection and precise presentation
  • Blank colour: matt-grey with grey ring windings and orang-coloured decorative windings
  • High-grade AA cork handle with composite cork ends
  • Chrome-plated single leg rings for minimal friction
  • Chrome-plated stainless steel guide ring
  • Uplocking aluminium reel seat (bright anodised)
  • 4-piece
  • Round Cordura transport tube and fabric sheath for best protection
  • Designed and developed in Sweden


LQR3106-4MF 3 10,6 ft (3,23 m) Half Wells / Fighting Butt 109 g
Loop Q Nymph Einhand Fliegenrute
Einarsson 3+ Trout/Euronymph Fliegenrolle #2 bis #5 silber blau
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