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Loop 7X Single-Handed Fly Rod Half Wells
Half Wells
Loop 7X Single-Handed Fly Rod Full Wells
Full Wells
Loop 7X Single-Handed Fly Rod Half Wells
Half Wells
Loop 7X Single-Handed Fly Rod Full Wells
Full Wells
Loop 7X Single-Handed Fly Rod
Loop 7X Single-Handed Fly Rod
Loop 7X Single-Handed Fly Rod

Loop 7X Single-Handed Fly Rod


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Loop 7X Single-Handed Fly Rod

The wait is finally over! With the 7X, LOOP introduces a series of innovative fly rods equally longed for by both one-hand and two-hand casting die-hards. The peculiarity of all models is the heptagon design created after years of intensive development, which gives the powerful rods their short and succinct name. The blanks made with the latest carbon fiber technology are not quite round, but at a closer look have a 7-angled heptagonal shape. In practice, this patented manufacturing process means that the blank barely vibrates after stopping and that the energy is transported with maximum efficiency through the tip and into your loop. The optimized power transmission of the 7X blanks results in a straight rod path, thus supporting precision and accuracy in the presentation.

The features of these modern, high-end rods include a noble finish in beautiful gray with silver decorative wrappings. The cork lies perfectly in the hand and is made from the highest quality cork discs. The spacer, made of carbon fiber, adds just as much to the flawless design as the reel seat and the guide rings made of titanium. The superior casting performance of the mid-paced 7X single-handed rods is evident in all casting styles and line setups, whether you're using a DT for fine dry fly presentations or shooting a one-handed head on the shore towards the horizon. Compared to the other well-known LOOP one-hand models, the 7X series is lighter, faster, and generally less bulky.

The ultra-efficient energy transfer of the 7X single-handed rods and their impressive performance over all casting distances will not only delight members of the worldwide Loop Army. Without limitation, this innovative rod series is a win for any ambitious fly fisherman and covers the entire spectrum of modern one-handed fly fishing. Whether at the creek, river or coast: someone who is looking for a special single-handed fly rod, will be highly pleased with the Loop 7X!



  • Innovative, patented heptagon design
  • Corrosion-resistant components
  • Ultra-efficient energy transfer
  • Lighter and stronger than any other Loop rod
  • Premium cork grip
  • Powerful action with fast recovery
  • Blank color: gray with silver decorative windings
  • Patented snake rings with coating for less friction
  • Titanium guide rings
  • 4-piece construction
  • High-quality aluminum rod tube with a fabric lining for the best protection

Tip: Due to the innovative heptagonal design, the individual rod sections do not come loose while fishing. An extra twist is therefore not necessary while piecing together the rod. Additionally, when disassembling the rod you should make sure that you do not turn the rod sections, and rather pull straight in the opposite direction.

ModelClassLengthGripCasting Weight
L7X3100-4MF (Medium Fast) 3 10 ft (3,04 m) Half Wells 6-8 g (90-125 grains)
L7X388-4MF (Medium Fast) 3 8,8 ft (2,68 m) Half Wells 6-8 g (90-125 grains)
L7X490-4MF (Medium Fast) 4 9 ft (2,74 m) Half Wells 8-10 g (125-155 grains)
L7X590-4MF (Medium Fast) 5 9 ft (2,74 m) Half Wells 11-13 g (170-200 grains)
L7X690-4MF (Medium Fast) 6 9 ft (2,74 m) Full Wells 13-15 g (200-230 grains)
L7X790-4MF (Medium Fast) 7 9 ft (2,74 m) Full Wells 16-19 g (250-290 grains)
L7X890-4MF (Medium Fast) 8 9 ft (2,74 m) Full Wells 20-22 g (310-340 grains)
L7X1090-4MF (Medium Fast) 10 9 ft (2,74 m) Full Wells 24-26 g (370-400 grains)
L7X1190-4MF (Medium Fast) 11 9 ft (2,74 m) Full Wells 26-28 g (400-430 grains)
L7X1290-4MF (Medium Fast) 12 9 ft (2,74 m) Full Wells 28-31 g (430-475 grains)