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Echo Shadow II Competition Kit
Echo Shadow II Competition Kit
Echo Shadow II Competition Kit

Echo Shadow II Competition Kit

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Echo Shadow II Competition Kit

The Competition Kit is an optional add on for the Echo Shadow II fly rods and designed specifically for nymph fishing. It helps to increase your range on the water by adding extra length to your rod. The set includes two blank pieces (each 15 cm long), which can be used separately or combined. By doing so you can for example transfor the 10ft. model into a 11ft. model and reach that current where the big trout is hiding near the bottom. The advantages of better reach are obvious: You get a longer, drag-free drift and can controle your line/leader much easier. Important in modern nymphing techniques (e.g. 'French Nymphing'), but also very helpful when using classic high-sticking methodes.

Besides the two extensions the kit features a screw-in fighting butt and several counterweights that help keeping your rod/reel combination in balance. Crucial, if you're fishing with a long arm a whole day.

The Competition Kit is a great accessoire - not just for competition fishing - and makes three rods out of one!

This kit is compatible with rods class 3 and 4.



  • Accessoire for all Echo Shadow II fly rods
  • 2 extensions, each 15 cm long
  • 1 Fighting Butt
  • Counterweights
  • Compatible with rods class 3 and 4