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Vision Siks Double-handed Fly rod
Vision Siks Double-handed Fly rod

Vision Siks Double-handed Fly rod


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Vision Siks Double-handed Fly rod
Siks rods handle modern spey lines, shooting heads and skagit heads with ease. The 13 rod packs down to 74cm and the 15to 83cm so you can easily pack them inside your travel bag. The rods are made using the very high quality Pacific Bay guides, Portuguese cork rings and wood & aluminium reel seats. The blanks are varnished but unsanded, to give the opportunity to build them very light in weight but still strong. The rods come with triangular rod tubes, made from a strong but nevertheless light PVC plastic covered with CORDURA fabric.
The triangular shape is very stable when you have to put your rod tube down on the floor of a jet boat while speeding up on one of the steelhead rivers of the West Coast USA, or in the trunk of your 4WD while crossing the rugged landscape of the northern Scotland. On those rare occasions when you want to drop your rod for a solo trip to airplane cargo, the tube form prevents it from rolling so easily off the belt - an event which happens way too often with normal round shaped rod tubes.
All Rods are 4-piece.
 Class Length Weight LineLength of segments
 7  13,4 ft  264 g  26 - 31 g 73,5 cm
 9  13,8 ft  270 g  30 - 38 g 76,0 cm
 10  15,2 ft  309 g  34 - 40 g 82,0 cm