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Guideline LPXe Double-handed Fly rod
Guideline LPXe Double-handed Fly rod
Guideline LPXe Double-handed Fly rod
Guideline LPXe Double-handed Fly rod
Guideline LPXe Double-handed Fly rod

Guideline LPXe Double-handed Fly rod


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Guideline LPXe Double-handed Fly rod
The legend Guideline LPXe rod series has been on the market for not less than 13 years – and yet still backups fly fishermen all over the world. Its sensitive and yet crisp action inspired a lot, both with single hand and double handed style.
Meanwhile rod building technology stepped forward with fibre technology and as well different components. That's why Guideline finally decided to take action and design an all new series: state to the art carbon fibre technlology, well tested guides of the RSI series and a completely new look. More than 2.5 years they casted adapted and of course caught many fish until final models where satisfying in every single class. And here it is, the brand new LPXe series!
Guideline managed to keep the soul and heart of the LPXe which delivers the same sensitivity than its previous models. Yet the blank is quite a bit faster and you feel more power in the core bottom. Light, crisp and fast describes it perfectly, although the blank bends down ¾ deep during casting as well. This allows tight loops with great feeling and provides a perfect combination for overhead and water based casts like switch cast and underhand.
Regarding its design, the new LPXe “shines” with a matte sanded blank finish! Copper decorative wrappings fit nice and the rods are completed by a futuristic milled aluminium reel seat. Also new: The rod sock is made of thick mesh material that will protect your rod like no other sock and guarantees increased air circulation.
As you can see, every detail has been surveyed and years of experienced have been usede to bring you the best version of the LPXe possible up to date. We for our part are sure that the new series will again spread around the world and inspire many of us!

The double hand series starts with a short # 8/9 12 ft model for sea trout fishing or small salmon rivers and reaches up to 16 ft # 10/11 for long casts on big rivers for king salmon and other monsters. So there's almost no limit with this series and especially its # 8 - 9 are true all-round sticks for salmon and Steelhead in different waters. I doesn't matter if you use a longer belly shooting head system or an ultra short Skagit head – up to your preferences or the water you're fishing. ;-)

  • fast, progressive action (yet deep loading)
  • Matte black finish with copper decorations
  • Special Fuji KW stripping guides for less friction during casting
  • Crome coated lightweight single foot wire guides
  • Anodized and milled aluminium reel seat with counternut
  • 4-piece
  • Delivered in fancy rod tube and thick mesh rod sock
 Length Class Weight Action
13 ft 8/9 207 g Fast
14 ft 9/10 248 g Fast
15 ft 10/11 267 g Fast
16 ft 10/11  298 g


17 ft 12/13 n.a.