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Vosseler S Fly reel
Vosseler S Fly reel

Vosseler S Fly reel


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Vosseler S Fly reel

The Vosseler S fly reel is equipped with a self-lubricating, powerful disc-drag, which can be adjusted perfectly by a handy drag knob, and has a distinctive clicking sound. The closed case protects it against knocks, and it may be braked by hand. The reelfoot is oval-shaped, so that long leaders may be wound securely around it. Originally developed for salmon fishing, the Vosseler S fly reel's robust design is now also widely appreciated by saltwater flyfishermen. The Vosseler S fly reel is extremely robust; yet thanks to additional borings and the use of the most modern production materials, it is a lightweight fly reel in its class!

Model Capacity Diameter Width Weight
S1 WF 7-9 + 150 m 20# 93 mm 48 mm approx. 222 g
S1.5 WF 8-10 + 170 m 20# 98 mm 48 mm approx. 225g
S2 WF 8-10 + 150 m 30# 103 mm 53 mm approx. 236 g
S3 WF 10-12 + 180 m 30# 113 mm 53 mm approx. 259 g