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Hardy Ultradisc UD LA Fly Reel gunmetal
Hardy Ultradisc UD LA Fly Reel gunmetal
Hardy Ultradisc UD LA Fly Reel gunmetal
Hardy Ultradisc UD LA Fly Reel gunmetal

Hardy Ultradisc UD LA Fly Reel gunmetal


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Hardy Ultradisc UD LA Fly Reel gunmetal

The Ultradisc UD LA fly reel from Hardy is not only extremely light, but also impresses visually with its innovative design, in which part of the frame has been cut out. The combination of state-of-the-art technology, high-quality workmanship and the new multipad disc brake system also impressed the jury at the ICAST 2020. First place in the category 'fly reel' was the final result and the traditional English company Hardy was once again able to celebrate a success at the most important trade fair for sport fishing.

The Hardy Ultradisc UD LA offers everything that demanding fly fishermen want - and a little bit more. The multipad disc brake system is very fine and continuously adjustable. So you can always find the perfect brake pressure when fighting a fish. The gently brake also supports fishing with thin leaders, as they are often used in the challenging fishing for trout and grayling in crystal clear rivers. The brake knob fits perfectly in the hand and adds a colorful accent. The closed frame construction of the Hardy Ultradisc ensures that sensitive leaders, thin special lines or mono-runninglines are not pinched and damaged. So not only French Nymphing fans will be pleased, but also sea trout and salmon anglers. The open construction of the sturdy aluminium frame allows optimal ventilation of backing and flying line and fits perfectly with modern carbon rods.

The design of the Hardy Ultradisc once again combines classic elements with modern style and its innovative frame is light, strong and visually very appealing. Functional, noble and very high quality manufactured is the lightest disc brake reel ever made by Hardy. And not only for ultra-light-fanatics a real pleasure! Due to the large selection of different sizes, you will definitely find the right Ultradisc UD LA  model for your purpose. Whether you're more at home on the trout or salmon river.


  • Innovative frame design
  • Multipad disc brake system
  • Infinitely variable brake system for fine adjustments
  • Closed frame construction to protect line and leaders
  • The lightest disc brake fly reel ever made by Hardy
  • Color: gunmetal
3000 2/3/4 WF 4 + 45 m 20# 89 mm 107 g
4000 3/4/5 WF 5 + 75 m 20# 94 mm 113 g
5000 4/5/6 WF 6 + 80 m 20# 99 mm 120 g
6000 5/6/7 WF 7 + 100 m 20# 104 mm 138 g
7000 6/7/8 WF 8 + 115 m 30# 109 mm 142 g
8000 7/8/9 WF 9 + 150 m 30# 114 mm 182 g
9000 8/9/10 WF 10 + 150 m 30# 122 mm 189 g
10000 9/10/11 WF 10 + 240 m 30# 127 mm 200 g
About Hardy:

Founded back in 1872, the English cult brand Hardy has a very impressive success story that is already around 150 years long. After all of these years, one thing hasn’t changed: The award-winning designers from Hardy combine state-of-the-art technologies with a stylish and timeless design. In addition, all products are characterised by an outstanding quality and impressive durability. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the modern Hardy rods and reels are a great choice for saltwater fishing, because they withstand the incredible power of the extremely strong fish and the constant exposure to salt. And of course, the high-quality products from Hardy also leave nothing to be desired when it comes to fishing in freshwater!

Hardy Ultradisc UD LA Fliegenrolle gunmetal
Hardy Ultradisc UD LA Ersatzspule gunmetal
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Hardy Ultradisc UD LA Fly Reel gunmetal
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Hardy Ultradisc UD LA Spare Spool gunmetal
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