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Cortland Compact Switch Fly Line
Cortland Compact Switch Fly Line
Cortland Compact Switch Fly Line
Cortland Compact Switch Fly Line
Cortland Compact Switch Fly Line
Cortland Compact Switch Fly Line

Cortland Compact Switch Fly Line


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Content: 30 meter (€3.00 * / 1 meter)

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Cortland Compact Switch Fly Line

For over 100 years Cortland has been designing and developing some of the most innovative fly fishing lines in the industry. All Cortland lines are made with the newest technologies and materials in their Cortland, NY (USA) factory.


The Cortland Compact Switch is the perfect line for swinging in small to medium sized rivers - whether you’re targeting Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout or Steelhead!


The innovative design of this line combines the advantages of a Skagit tapers with an integrated running line. As a result, unlike a shooting head, it offers you a seamless transition, which is an absolute pleasure to use, especially when fishing in smaller waters. Without having an annoying loop connection in the rod rings, you can always strip your fly up to your own feet with this full line - an incredibly effective technique! The 7.6 meter Skagit head transports long polyleaders and aggressive T-tips with ease, so you can fully enjoy the benefits of an interchangeable tip system. With a selection of your favorite tips, you will be able to effectively fish different water conditions at any time - pool by pool. Thus, you get a very adaptable setup, which allows you a varied and above all effective fishing experience. Thanks to its compact design, this line is also extremely easy to cast, so that even in a cramped position and with little space you can easily sling your fly to the opposite bank. It has an outstanding punch which can fight wind and send big flies with ease.


Last but not least, there is one thing to mention: Despite its relatively short head, this line allows for impressive casting distances and a soulful presentation. All this makes the Cortland Compact Switch a top choice for demanding fishing for large Salmonids in smaller waters - one of the most exciting disciplines in the world of fly fishing!




  • Modern full-length line with a compact Skagit Taper
  • The ideal choice for swinging with one-handed, switch and lightweight two-handed rods
  • Extremely powerful head with a length of 7.6m for outstanding casting properties and easy handling
  • Excellent for using T-tips and regular polyleaders
  • Easily casts large and weighted patterns
  • Shooting,lLow friction running line
  • Line Core: Braided nylon multifilament core for direct contact with the fly
  • Smooth coating with a very slick surface and first-class durability
  • Equipped with welded loops on both ends
  • Head Length: 25’ (7.6m)
  • Line Length: 100’ (30.4m)
  • Color: lime green / ivory