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Airflo Switch Streamer Fly Line
Airflo Switch Streamer Fly Line
Airflo Switch Streamer Fly Line
Airflo Switch Streamer Fly Line
Airflo Switch Streamer Fly Line

Airflo Switch Streamer Fly Line


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€79.90 *
Content: 30,5 meter (€2.62 * / 1 meter)

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Airflo Switch Streamer Fly Line

Lightweight Spey / Switchrods got very popular theses days and many fly fishermen fish double handed for trout. The “Tug” while swinging a fly is beyond words and if you can't get your dose because the next Salmon or Steelhead river is too far, go for your home waters. With streamers you'll cover a lot of water effectively and the right line slings them underhand with an ease.
The Airflo Switch Streamer is one of those lines: enough power for every kind of trout streamer you attach to it. The taper with its ultra short head reminds of a Skagit System and shoots even with smallest back space. Being a fully integrated line, you don't have to mess with loops running through your guides, when fishing short line. Safes a lot of stress especially on small rivers where you fish a lot of riffles.
This line works best with an attached sink tips. Polyleaders will get your fly down and also serve as an anchor when casting this kind of short head taper. To be ready-to-go, the Switch Streamer already comes with a suitable 10 ft fast sink polyleader. Very nice Airflo. :-)
Best value for money line in our switch range!


  • Short belly switch line for streamer fishing
  • Available in half size steps to match every rod in its range
  • 100 % PVC free polyurethane coating (increased durability against UV light and deed / sunscreen)
  • Power Core: 6% low stretch core for better casting control, hook set and sensitivity while fishing
  • Flexi-Loop: Special PU-loops for maximum strength and durability
  • Line Tag: Printed Line Description on the tip
  • Dual colour taper: mint green / orange (running line)
  • Total length: 100 ft (30,5 m)

1x Aifrlo 10” Fast Sink Polyleader included.

ClassHead LengthWeight (9,14 m)
# 4
18 ft (5,49 m) 19,4 g (300 grain)
# 4,5
18,5 ft (5,64 m) 21,4 g (330 grain)
# 5
18,5 ft (5,64 m) 23,3 g (360 grain)
# 5,5
20,5 ft (6,25 m) 25,3 g (390 grain)
# 6
20,5 ft (6,25 m) 27,2 g (420 grain)