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Vision Vibe 85+ Fly Line
Vision Vibe 85+ Fly Line
Vision Vibe 85+ Fly Line
Vision Vibe 85+ Fly Line
Vision Vibe 85+ Fly Line
Vision Vibe 85+ Fly Line

Vision Vibe 85+ Fly Line


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€83.00 *
Content: 27 meter (€3.07 * / 1 meter)

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Vision Vibe 85+ Fly Line

Vibe+ lines have now been updated with the latest fly line technologies and useful features while keeping the proven tapers of the original Vibe Series.

Vision Vibe+ fly lines come with a super slick HiFlo™ Coating that incorporates Teflon to increase floatability and shooting performance, in both warm and cold water (0° - 25°C). Moreover you’ll now find 4 meters of handling section behind the belly and a thinner shooting line diameter. Build on a Low Stretch Core all Vibe+ lines offer direct power transmission when casting, setting hooks and detecting bites. Small factory welded front-loops and line IDs allow for quick rigging and identification of the line. Last but not least all relevant information about taper and weight can be found on the box the line is supplied in.

Vibe 85+ lines feature a 8,5 m taper that is easy to cast and excells when fishing small rivers with thick vegetation and limited space. The aggressive weight distribution loads modern rods quickly and turns over large dries, nymphing rigs and heavy streamers - ideal for accurate presentations in tight corners. Vibe 85+ are also great for single hand spey- and switch casts. 


  • Short belly fly line for limited space
  • accurate presentations in tight corners
  • loads modern rods quickly
  • Weight Forward
  • HiFlo™ Coating with Teflon: super slick and high floating
  • Factory welded front loop
  • Line ID for quick identification
  • Low Stretch Core
  • 4 m handling section for easy double hauling
  • Taper length: 8,5 m
  • Total Length: 27 m
  • Color Floating: yellow / white (runningline)
  • Color Sink3: black / yellow (Runningline)
  • Phthalat free
ClassTaper LengthWeight
# 3-4
8,5 m
 8 g
# 4-5
8,5 m
10 g
# 5-6
8,5 m
12 g
# 6-7 8,5 m 15 g
# 7-8
8,5 m
17 g
# 8-9 8,5 m 19 g