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Loop Opti Coaster Fly Line
Loop Opti Coaster Fly Line

Loop Opti Coaster Fly Line


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Content: 33 meter (€2.09 * / 1 meter)

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Loop Opti Coaster Fly Line

LOOP has developed a fly line for the special needs of sea trout fishermen: The coaster has a super thin head (12 m) to cut through heavy winds with ease. The intermediate head sinks slowly and keeps your fly just below the surface when stripping fast or if some waves occur. To reduce the scare impact on the fish even in clear waters, the head comes transparent, whereas the running line is coloured blue. Thanks to a new coating the Coaster doesn't show a memory effect in low air and water temperatures.

Besides beeing a great choice for the scandinavian or german coasts, this line can be used perfectly for the stillwater fishery.

Please note: The line appears really lightweight and therefore we recommend fishing it one class heavier than your rod class.


  • Thin Head for strong wind
  • Clear intermediate head for shy fish
  • Floating running line (blue)
  • Welded loops for fast rigging
  • Total length: 33 m
ClassHead LengthHead Weight
# 5
12 m 12,0 g
# 6
12 m 14,0 g
# 7
12 m 16,5 g
# 8
12 m 18,0 g