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Guideline Pike Series Fly Line
Guideline Pike Series Fly Line

Guideline Pike Series Fly Line


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Content: 28 meter (€3.03 * / 1 meter)

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Guideline Pike Series Fly Line

Flyfishing for Pike is a fast growing part of modern flyfishing. New techniques and innovative fly patterns for both surface and sinking line fishing are increasing the demand for the right lines as well. The Pike Series from Guideline offers the angler the option of two different lines that cover several of the situations that you encounter during fishing. There is a full WF Floater with a custom taper and a MD (Multi Density) sinking line for fish that hold on the drop offs. Both lines are built on our popular DC (Direct Contact) Low Stretch Core, ensuring a drastically increased hook-up rate.

WF floating

This line was developed entirely based on the needs and the fishing-principles of Pike Flyfishing. The new type of taper used, will make casting large, bushy flies significantly easier than with standard WF lines. The unique distribution of the weight towards the front, has great impact on turnover and presentation of these difficult flies. A well balanced dimension on the runningline aids turnover even under difficult head wind conditions or when fishing from a boat. The length of the belly is 10,6 meters and the total length of the line is 28 meters. Color Sky Blue. Available in Lineweight #7-10.

Color: white

Length: 28m

Belly: 10,6m


WF interm./sink3

A revolutionary new taper and the use of multiple densities have resulted in a unique line for those occasions where the big fish are hanging outside the shallows in depths of 2-5 meters. This line was designed by Finnish Pike fishing expert, Markus MaÅNnnistoÅN, who has a vast experience in fishing for Pike with the fly. An aggressive taper and the increasing density towards the tip, make this line stay at the desired depth during a longer part of the retrieve. The taper also helps when loading the rod for a new cast, with only very little line outside the rod tip. The running line balances very well against the 10,6 meter long head.

Color: sky blue/black

Length: 28 m

Belly: 10,6 m