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Airflo Ridge Clear Tropical Clear Tip Fly Line
Airflo Ridge Clear Tropical Clear Tip Fly Line
Airflo Ridge Clear Tropical Clear Tip Fly Line
Airflo Ridge Clear Tropical Clear Tip Fly Line

Airflo Ridge Clear Tropical Clear Tip Fly Line


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Content: 32 meter (€2.03 * / 1 meter)

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Airflo Ridge Clear Tropical Clear Tip Fly Line

Fish on the flats are known to be exceedingly tough and often spook from the line in the air or its silhouette sitting on the surface. Airflo’s Tropical Clear lines can make the difference between getting a fish to eat or exasperate your guide. The Ridge Clear lines are the closest thing to invisible a fly line can get, allowing you to use a shorter leader for greater casting control and improving accuracy without spooking a fish. These lines come with the Ridge-Technology and a clear coating on a monofilament core to turn into a high performance fly line that will enhance your approaches on spooky fish in tropical waters.

This tropical floating line line is basically used on the flats or clear calm waters. Whether it’s for bonefish, permit, trigger or bigger species, there’s a line class for all main species. The head length with 51 ft (15,5 m) is quite long, but it has got a really long rear taper that will give you an enormous amount of control while casting. This also means that the heavy part of the head is in front which loads your rod quickly and get your line out fast. With the short front taper even heavier flies like crabs are easy to turn over and present with a straight line.

This is the Clear Tip Version that comes with a 12 ft clear tip and a pale yellow rear line. The advantage is that you can follow your fly easier when stripping because you see the end of the yellow part.

*Ridge-Technology: the coating is ridged parallel to the fly line which reduces the surface area in contact with the rod guides. This leads to a better shootabiliy. In addition you have a better grip when handling the line, setting hook etc.


  • 12 ft (3,65 m) clear tip
  • Optimum temperature range: 20 °C to 38 °C
  • Length: 105 ft (32m)
  • Head Length: 51 ft (15,5 m), including front and long rear taper
  • Tip Crystal clear mono core and polymer coating for optimal stealth
  • Welded loop on both ends
  • Line indication on front loop
  • Floating
  • Colour: clear tip / pale yellow rear line