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Monic Henley Clear Fly Line
Monic Henley Clear Fly Line
Monic Henley Clear Fly Line
Monic Henley Clear Fly Line

Monic Henley Clear Fly Line


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Monic Henley Clear Fly Line

The HenleyClear Fly Line has the well-known Henley Taper which is slightly heavier than the standard. In addition, a structure from front to rear taper, which finds pretty much in every area their application - a true all-round line. And best of all, thanks to the new coating and the exclusive MoniCORE core, it doesn't matter whether you're on a cold mountain stream or on the warm flats!

The design of the Henley Taper is simple but sensible, because of the symmetrical taper at the front as well as the rear part of the club, there are no limits to the field of application. The head allows almost any presentation, whether dry fly, nymph, streamer or popper and is also very easy and far to cast. The line charges the rod quickly and provides fantastic stability in the air. The control of the line thus allows for high line speed, which in turn leads to extreme casting distances.

The core of the Henely Clear line consists of the new, exclusive MoniCORE. A brand new and already protected monofilament core that has low stretch and can be fished in both cold and warm water - how awesome is that! The nylon-free mono line is also extremely clear, and in conjunction with the clear Coating, the fly line is almost not noticed by the fish. This gives you a distinct advantage especially in clear waters and with large cautious fish.

In short: The Henley Clear fly line is an all-round wonder! A head that loads modern rods easily and effectively, is stable in the air and can be presented with hair precision. And not only with a dry fly or nymph, but with every conceivable fly pattern. There are no limits to the field of application, even with the coating used and the new MoniCORE core. The new combination allows the line to be used from cold mountain streams to warm flats! In addition, the clear Line, stands for minimal attention. So even big, smart fish are outfoxed!


  • Phantom Tip fly line from Monic with an all-around taper
  • Clear Line for minimal spooking
  • Exclusive MoniCORE core allows fishing in all temperatures
  • Easy rod loading and extreme stability in the air
  • Smooth texture free coating provide low friction in the rings
  • Low elongation despite mono core
  • Color: Clear


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11 m
13,9 g Schwimmend 27,5 m
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11 m 15,2 g Schwimmend 27,5 m
# 9
11 m 18,1 g Schwimmend 27,5 m
About Monic:

Monic's high-quality lines are made in the USA and offer fly fishers a PVC-free alternative to many other fly lines on the market. No harmful chemicals are used in Monic fly lines. All components that make up a Monic line are 100% recyclable. And because no PVC is used, the coatings contain no volatile and harmful chemicals that have to be added to PVC to make a typical fly line. The American brand, which was founded in the 1980s, recognises that there is an essential and vital link between a healthy habitat and better fishing. Therefore, one of Monic's founding principles is to develop and deliver the best performing fly lines that also help protect our waters for future generations of anglers.