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Vision Pikemaniac Fly Line Sink 3
Vision Pikemaniac Fly Line Sink 3
Vision Pikemaniac Fly Line Sink 3
Vision Pikemaniac Fly Line Sink 3
Vision Pikemaniac Fly Line Sink 3

Vision Pikemaniac Fly Line Sink 3


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Content: 30 meter (€3.33 * / 1 meter)

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Vision Pikemaniac Fly Line Sink 3

The Pikemaniac fly line is the line of choice for every passionate pike angler. It is powerful, can carry both small and large flies and allows fishing at all distances as well as water depths!

The Finnish experts at Vision have specially designed this line to cast even large flies or fly patterns with wiggle tail all the way to the horizon. This is ensured by the extremely powerful, 12 m long head of the Pikemanic, which can be easily and stably hold in the air, but above all shot, thanks to the subsequent 4 m long handling zone. The profile of the line describes a reverse compound taper with a powerful, short front taper and a weight distribution into the front part of the head. This construction loads the rod quickly even with large flies and allows the line to cast impressively far despite the bushy brake and with few false casts. Underneath the smooth and soft coating is an extremely low-stretch core that lets you feel even the smallest tug on the fly and makes it easier to set the hook securely in the pike's mouth. Less energy is lost during the cast and maximum casting distances can be reached. The pre-formed loops on the head and running line make it easy to attach the leader and backing. In addition, the line has a line ID for easy identification and the line is phthalate-free. In this way, you do yourself and the environment a favour.

The varietly of different sinking rates of the Pikemaniac fly lines cover all typical situations on the water. You can choose from a full Slomo (slow intermediate), fast intermediate, Sink3 and Sink6.

  • Fast Intermediate / Sink 3
    The sink 3 variant is a great choice for fishing in medium-deep to deep water, on edges and over low-standing weed. The combination with a Full Intermediate Runningline offers a very direct contact to the pike streamer. This Sliding Density™ technology, where the sink rate gradually increases towards the tip, is a special trademark of the Vision Pikemaniac and makes it a modern pike line in a class of its own!



  • Extremely versatile, high quality predator fishing fly line from Vision
  • Powerful, short front taper for large flies
  • Optimal weight distribution for long casts
  • Handling Zone for casting stability and longer durability
  • Low stretch core for improved bite detection, line control and hooks
  • Welded loops at the line ends
  • Line ID for better identification
  • 12 m long head for large flies
  • 4 m handling zone
  • Total length: 33 m
  • Sink rate: fast intermediate / sink 3


LineHead LengthHead WeightFull Length
WF8 Sink3 12 m / 39,4 ft 23g / 355 gr 33 m
WF9 Sink3 12 m/ 39,4 ft 26 g / 400 gr 33 m
WF10 Sink3 12 m/ 39,4 ft 30 g / 465 gr 33 m

About Vision:

Established back in 1997, the Finnish manufacturer Vision offers almost everything that you need for fly fishing. In addition to rods and reels, this impressive selection also includes wading clothes and all kinds of accessories. In fact, all Vision products have one thing in common: They combine a modern design with an outstanding value for money. Summarized, this manufacturer is known for its proven products in the mid-range price segment. In recent years, Vision also gained a great reputation for their selection of modern high-end rods.