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Monic Icicle Streamer Fly Line
Monic Icicle Streamer Fly Line
Monic Icicle Streamer Fly Line
Monic Icicle Streamer Fly Line
Monic Icicle Streamer Fly Line
Monic Icicle Streamer Fly Line

Monic Icicle Streamer Fly Line


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Content: 27,5 meter (€3.24 * / 1 meter)

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Monic Icicle Streamer Fly Line

Dei Monic Icicle fly line is a real all-round line and this is due to the Icicle not only the ingenious taper, which allows easy casting at maximum distances, but also the coating, which is really fishable in any season - from freezing to the tropics!

The Monic Icicle line has a very strong taper which is characterized by easy handling, stability in casting, and maximum distances. An 11 meter long head with a higher weight in the front part allow to load the rod perfectly with few empty casts and to fire even bigger streamers with ease. However, the balanced taper also ensures that smaller flies such as dry flies or nymphs can be transported with pinpoint accuracy without the line losing control.

The core of the line consists of a braided core with low elongation, which does not tend to curl, which helps the line retain its shape even below freezing. Thus, the line is suitable for streaming in summer as well as in winter, for example, when fishing for char, sea trout and many other fish species.

What is remarkable about the fly line, however, is its coating, which consists of the advanced Icicle coating, which remains supple at low temperatures and does not start to soften or even stick in tropical heat! The plastics used are also 100% naturally buoyant, which means the line is highly buoyant and won't start to sink in after a while, which is awesome! An STS smoothing technology gives the line the final touch. This technology processes the plastic compound so evenly and effectively that it results in an extremely low-friction surface. From which no materials escape even after a long time and the line shoots through the rings without fatigue like a dream over a long time. So the PVC free coating is a shootable, high buoyancy coating that can be used from icy mountain lakes to tropical flats!


  • Unique all-around line from Monic
  • Aggressive taper shoots with ease to maximum distances
  • Balanced weight distribution for stability during casting
  • Shooting line that requires few empty casts
  • Curl free core no matter what the temperature is
  • STS-smoothing technology provides an extremely smooth surface
  • Icicle coating can be fished at minus temperatures as well as in the tropics
  • Genaile allround line, which invites bonders to effective streaming.
  • Color: Sky Blue
  • Floating
ClassHead LengthHead WeightSink rateLength
# 4
11 m
10,6 g Floating 27,5 m
# 5
11 m
13 g Floating 27,5 m
# 6
11 m
13,9 g Floating 27,5 m
# 7
11 m
15,7 g Floating 27,5 m
# 8
11 m 17,2 g Floating 27,5 m