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Loop Marauder Predator Fly Line Floating
Loop Marauder Predator Fly Line Floating
Loop Marauder Predator Fly Line Floating
Loop Marauder Predator Fly Line Floating
Loop Marauder Predator Fly Line Floating
Loop Marauder Predator Fly Line Floating

Loop Marauder Predator Fly Line Floating


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Loop Marauder Predator Fly Line Floating

With the Marauder Predator Lines, Loop has developed a special fly line that is perfectly matched to the requirements of modern Pike fishing. Its short head, with a length of only 9.13 meters, is particularly suitable for bushy, wind-catching streamers and casts your fly even in adverse conditions at a distance. Similar to a shooting head, the blank of your rod is loaded very easily and with only one false cast you send your Pike streamer flying. The taper of the Loop Marauder Predator has more mass in the front part of the belly, which means that even weighted streamers land on the water with a clean turn-over. The low-stretch line core ensures that you always have direct contact with the streamer and both bite detection and hook placement are optimized. The smooth coating of the line shoots with little friction through guides and shows very little line memory, even at low temperatures. Perfect for all Pike junkies who want to chase fat Pike in the winter months!


The Loop Marauder Predator lines are available in different sink rates so that you can always adapt your line perfectly to the conditions. Each line comes with welded loops at both ends.


Floating: A floating head with a thin diameter ensures impressive casting distances - whether you fish from the boat or wade in shallow waters. A perfect choice for shallow bays, fishing over weed beds or with topwater flies. It’s tough to beat the adrenaline rush of a Pike smashing a topwater popper!




  • High-quality fly line for Pike angling
  • Floating line, ideal for topwater patterns or shallow water
  • Optimized taper with more mass in the front and a short head of 9.13 meters
  • Handling section for first-class stability and a perfect grip during long casts 
  • Low stretch line core for optimal bite detection, line control and stripping
  • Equipped with welded loops on both ends
  • Head Length: 30’ (9.13m)
  • Line Length: 96’ (29.2m)
  • Color: white / mint


ClassHead lengthTotal lengthHead weightSink Rate
8 9,13 m 29,2 m 20,3 g Floating
9 9,13 m 29,2 m 23,3 g Floating
10 9,13 m 29,2 m 26,3 g Floating
About Loop:

Established more than 40 years ago, the Scandinavian cult brand Loop is known worldwide for high-quality premium tackle that will easily please the most demanding fly fishermen. In fact, all products from Loop's versatile range have one thing in common: They combine an outstanding quality with a well-thought-out design. Of course, this applies for all rods, reels, lines and accessories. In addition to timeless classics such as the legendary Classic Fly Reel, Loop constantly presents innovative new products that are sought-after in the international fly fishing scene. In short: In the case of Loop, Scandinavian innovation meets an obvious passion for fly fishing!