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Guideline Fario CDC Fly Line
Guideline Fario CDC Fly Line
Guideline Fario CDC Fly Line
Guideline Fario CDC Fly Line
Guideline Fario CDC Fly Line
Guideline Fario CDC Fly Line

Guideline Fario CDC Fly Line


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Content: 25 meter (€3.20 * / 1 meter)

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Guideline Fario CDC Fly Line

The name suggests it already: The Fario CDC from Guideline is designed for the delicate presentation of fine dry flies (and nymphs). This floating line is a logical extension of the popular Fario series, which is very popular with Trout and Grayling fly fishers.

Quiet, sensitive and with laser-sharp loops, this line is a favourite among the Guideline team members - and us. An optimal choice for fishing with light, sensitive tackle and when presenting dry flies and nymphs to shy fish on clear waters. What is immediately noticeable is the thin diameter of this WF line, which makes it cut through the wind much better and land more gently on the water. Thanks to a mid-length head and an optimised taper for the use of long, thin leaders, you are able to present very accurately and precisely over all distances with this line. As the front taper is rather short, but has a balanced distribution of mass, this light line allows you to turn over longer leaders even more effectively. The relatively long belly in combination with an extended rear taper ensures a stable loop and allows you to make corrections to your cast more easily in the air. Because the line stays slightly higher in the air until the end of the cast than a line with more weight concentration in the back of the belly, you have the opportunity to optimise your presentation right up to the last stop point. Maintaining height when unrolling the loop is also beneficial when you need to set the back cast high over obstacles or when you have to kneel down to avoid being noticed by the fish.

The extremely smooth coating of the Guideline Fario CDC has a relatively high density to keep diameter and wind resistance low. Nevertheless, this floating line drifts very high on the water surface and allows an easy pick up. The Guideline CDC WF is built on a braided multifilament core with a strength of 12 lbs and has a very subtle and delicate colour in the head area. The running line has a slightly "off-white" colour that provides enough contrast so you always know where the transition is between the two sections. There are small factory-made loops at each end, making it easy to loop in a leader quickly. The fly line box and spool are both environmentally friendly and compostable. This is another nice feature of this interesting fly line!

In short: The Guideline Fario CDC is an optimal choice for those who are after a high quality floating line with a medium length taper for fine presentations. We really like the taper and it makes forming tight, stable loops a breeze. Over all casting distances the Fario CDC offers full control and is incredible fun with both dry flies and nymphs!



  • WF floating line with a medium length belly
  • Thin line diameter for delicate presentation and minimal drag
  • Optimised taper for long leaders
  • Compact front taper for optimum power transmission
  • Extended rear taper for stable, tight loops
  • Low-stretch core for improved line control and effective hooks
  • Environmentally friendly, PVC-free coating without plasticisers - we are thrilled!
  • Very low memory effect thanks to the special coating
  • Impressive wear resistance for a long service life - in the spirit of sustainability
  • High-quality, welded loops at both ends
  • Line ID at the tip of the line - confusion impossible!
  • Supplied without plastic spool and with minimal packaging for the benefit of the environment!
  • Colour: Green/Bone White


ClassLength HeadWeight HeadTotal Length
# 2
11 m 6,5 g 25 m
# 3
12 m 8,5 g 25 m
# 4
12 m 10,5 g 25 m
# 5
12,5 m 12,5 g 27,5 m
About Guideline:

The Scandinavian cult brand Guideline offers almost everything that you need for fly fishing. In addition to modern rods and reels, this impressive selection also includes high-quality wading clothes and all kinds of accessories. In fact, all Guideline products have one thing in common: They combine a practice-oriented design with an outstanding value for money. This applies for all price levels – from entry-level to premium models. Furthermore, Guideline places great emphasis on sustainability, which leads to eco-friendly production methods and an inspiring company philosophy.