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Cortland Trout Boss WF Fly Line
Cortland Trout Boss WF Fly Line
Cortland Trout Boss WF Fly Line
Cortland Trout Boss WF Fly Line
Cortland Trout Boss WF Fly Line
Cortland Trout Boss WF Fly Line

Cortland Trout Boss WF Fly Line


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Cortland Trout Boss WF Fly Line

For over 100 years Cortland has been designing and developing some of the most innovative fly fishing lines in the industry. All Cortland lines are made with the newest technologies and materials in their Cortland, NY (USA) factory.

The Trout Boss is Cortland's premium line for modern fly rods with fast and ultra-fast action rods. Especially for fishing on medium to large streams with dry flies, nymphs and small streamers. The front 9.14 meters have a weight that is ¾ over the AFTMA-class which helps better load powerful, fast action blanks, even with a short amount of line out. While casting this line, you’ll really feel your rod working like it should, allowing you to make precise casts at close range. However, this line will also work wonders with an overhead cast for longer distances or a roll cast up close. Despite the higher weight, the Trout Boss lands gently on the water, because it is optimized with a 3.05 meter-long front taper for fine presentations.

With a total head length of 13.8 meters, this line has more weight than a "traditional" WF line. This allows for greater casting distances that are often required on larger streams, with a more relaxed cast - you can really let your rod do the work.

The fly can be presented with almost playful ease at all distances up to about 16 meters - even without double hauling. If you really shoot the head, you can achieve long distances with overhead casts and very long distances with a roll or switch cast.

The Trout Boss is heavier, but not thicker. Due to the use of a particularly thin braided nylon monofilament, the outer diameter is very slim despite the larger coating mass. The advantages of the slim diameter is reduced friction in the water and air. The line easily cuts through the wind, forms a tight loop, slides well through the water, and can be silently pulled off the surface for your next cast. At the same time, the ratio between the large mass and the small diameter of the coating makes the line very buoyant, therefore it floats high on the water.

The Trout Boss has the super smooth, extremely durable and highly-buoyant HTx coating. HT stands for "heat-tempered", a multi-stage process in which a thermally cured coating is applied, which fills all unevenness, even the smallest microscopic pores, and thus forms an absolutely homogeneous and smooth surface. A subsequent, precisely measured, high-temp heat shock treatment hardens and seals the line, giving it a surface texture that is as smooth as glass. The extremely low coefficient of friction of the HTx coating not only gives the fly line enormous shooting abilities but also reduces the sticking effect on the water surface to an absolute minimum. In addition, the HTx coating is dirt-repellent.

The head of the Trout Boss is colored in a high-vis Chartreuse and the handling section and running line is an ivory white, allowing the angler to easily identify the optimal line length needed while casting. The line is equipped with welded loops at both ends for easy and secure connections to the leader and backing.


  • Dirt-repellent and extremely smooth HTx coating
  • Long tip and front taper for super delicate presentations
  • ¾ AFTMA class overweight allows for deep rod loading
  • Line Core: Braided nylon multifilament, 24lb load capacity
  • Welded loops on both ends
  • Head Length: 35’ (10.6m, including back taper )
  • Total Length: 100’ (30.45m)
  • Color: chartreuse / ivory


ClassWeight (9,14 m)Head Length
3 7,7 g 10,6 m
4 9,0 g 10,6 m
5 10,3 g 10,6 m
6 11,9 g 10,6 m
7 13,6 g 10,6 m
8 15,5 g 10,6 m
About Cortland:

In the world of fly fishing, the American manufacturer Cortland is known for modern premium fly lines – made in USA! These lines set new standards in many different ways due to multiple patented technologies and their well-thought-out design. In fact, they offer a truly outstanding performance, and therefore they will easily please the most demanding fly fishermen. Summarized, Cortland offers the perfect line for every type of fishing – whether you’re fishing in fresh or saltwater. In addition, Cortland is also known for a fantastic selection of high-quality fly rods with a great value for money. In particular, their high-end nymph rods are very popular for modern nymphing techniques.