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Vision Ultra Light Nymph Level Fly Line
Vision Ultra Light Nymph Level Fly Line
Vision Ultra Light Nymph Level Fly Line

Vision Ultra Light Nymph Level Fly Line

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Content: 28 meter (€2.14 * / 1 meter)

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Vision Ultra Light Nymph Level Fly Line

The second generation of Vision's popular Ultra Light Nymph Level is equipped with very slim loops at both ends so that you can tie your nymph leader directly. In addition, one of the two sides is now coloured in a fluo green, so you can save yourself a sighter - if you like.

When fishing modern nymphing techniques like French- or Czech Nymphing a conventional fly line with a WF or DT taper isn’t ideal. Quite the opposite is the case. The thinner your line is the more precisely you can guide the drift of your nymph an detect supple takes. With a diameter of only 0,58 mm the Vision Ultra Light Nymphing Line is extremely thin, lightweight and ideally suited for all high sticking methods. Regardless whether you are hitting your local stream or the next international championship – this is a definite go-to line for all nymphing enthusiasts. The line has a parallel taper over the entire length, meaning it is irrelevant which way you spool the line onto your reel. The advantage: you can simply turn the line after a couple of seasons or when the coating starts showing first signs of wear. Against common assumptions this parallel line performs nicely when throwing small dry flies at short distance too – definitely not a casting toy but super delicate!

A highly specialized, lightweight and thin line for tight-line nymphing offering optimal bite detection and drift control.

Our hint: The Vision Ultra Light Nymph Level Fly line has also proven itself as a fantastic runningline in combination with short shooting head, thanks to its low stretch and slick coating properties. More and more pike and sea trout fishermen prefer this line over other runninglines. 


  • Ultra-light and thin fly line for modern nymphing techniques
  • Parallel taper: constant diameter
  • Factory welded micro-loops on both ends
  • Uni size: line class #0 to #5
  • Can be also be used as a runningline on your shooting head 
  • Low stretch
  • Soft coating
  • Diameter: 0,58 mm
  • Length: 28 m
  • Color: tan
  • Eco friendly packaging without plastic spool
About Vision:

Established back in 1997, the Finnish manufacturer Vision offers almost everything that you need for fly fishing. In addition to rods and reels, this impressive selection also includes wading clothes and all kinds of accessories. In fact, all Vision products have one thing in common: They combine a modern design with an outstanding value for money. Summarized, this manufacturer is known for its proven products in the mid-range price segment. In recent years, Vision also gained a great reputation for their selection of modern high-end rods.

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Vision Ultra Light Nymph Level Fly Line
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Content: 28 meter - (€2.14 * / 1 meter)