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Airflo DT Double Taper Fly Line orange orange

Airflo DT Double Taper Fly Line orange


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Airflo DT Double Taper Fly Line orange

Many long belly lines appear like a DT up to a certain casting length, but this line by Airflo is a true double taper line with all its advantages. For example nice and even rollcasts that transport the energy regardless of the amount of line, because you don’t have a thinner running line that can’t transport it. Further there is no punching of any belly at all because the line is parallel. You can extend it with a fine leader until you reach the desired length to present the fly – you can make even some more false casts until the fish rises again – and then present the fly like a feather falling onto the water. On a distance that’s hard to achieve with a WF line, at least not with modern short belly lines. So if you don’t need to shoot a lot of line and want to have a maximum of fine presentation and easy handling (mending) of the line, go for this DT line!

These DT lines by Airflo are delivered without packaging and spool - this is good both for the environment and your wallet. But if you need an empty spool you can leave us a comment during the check out process. Offer valid as long as stocks last.

Tipp: If you once reach the point where the DT line is overused, change it around and start with the other side like its a new line!


  • Double Taper (DT) all-round trout line
  • No belly
  • Sleek and durable welded loops on both sides
  • Total length: 27,4 m
  • Color: Orange
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