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Stroft Runningline 50 lbs: 0,42 x 0,84 mm
50 lbs: 0,42 x 0,84 mm
Stroft Runningline 42 lbs: 0,40 x 0,80 mm
42 lbs: 0,40 x 0,80 mm
42 lbs: 0,40 x 0,80 mm

Stroft Runningline


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€23.90 *
Content: 35 meter (€0.68 * / 1 meter)

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Stroft Runningline

The first runningline by STROFT and it convinced us right away!

Monofilament runninglines, i.e. non-coated runninglines, have the advantage that they generate very little friction in the guides during casting and thus allow even greater casting distances. Whether for pike, on the coast for sea trout, or with a spey rod for large salmon or steelhead, shooting head + runningline combinations are becoming increasingly popular in all areas of fly fishing due to their flexibility and individual adaptability.

The monofilament running line from Stroft appealed to us directly because: it is a flat mono runningline, i.e. with a flat, rectangular profile. This reduces the friction on the diameter (and the breaking strain), but offers a great grip at the same time. In the tuning, special attention was paid to optimum suppleness and reducing stretch. In addition, an optimized raw material composition was used to create a running line that stretches out easily and remains curl-free - even at low temperatures! Even when fishing in the deepest winter at freezing temperatures for huchen, sea trout or pike, you have the best control and, above all, a frustration-free casting experience at maximum distances.



  • Flat Mono - monofilament running line with a flat, rectangular cross-section
  • Low diameter without coating - super handling and maximum casting distances
  • Perfectly tuned stretch properties
  • Smooth and curl-free - even at low temperatures
  • Length 35m
  • Available breaking strains: 25lbs, 35lbs, 42lbs, 50lbs
  • Color: light blue matt
About Stroft:

Established more than 45 years ago, the German manufacturer Stroft is known for high-quality fishing lines – made in Germany! This impressive selection includes the perfect leader material for all kinds of fly fishing and spin fishing techniques – whether mono, fluorocarbon or titan. In addition, Stroft also offers premium braided lines and running lines. In fact, all of these lines have one thing in common: their outstanding quality with absolutely no imperfections. Therefore, these lines are an extremely reliable connection between you and the fish of your lifetime!