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Omnispool Switchbox separately Line Storage
Omnispool Switchbox separately Line Storage

Omnispool Switchbox separately Line Storage


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Omnispool Switchbox separately Line Storage
The perfect fly line organizer for every fly fisherman that have been looking for a solution to store his fly lines practical and tidy. It isn't only a storage aid; it helps you changing your fly line to your reel within seconds on a very easy way. An innovative patent pending product.
Especially fly fisherman who travels a lot or changes his local fishing waters quite often will appreciate this fly line management system from Omnispool. Also the saving-money factor isn't to underrate, cause if you buy spare-spools for line storage they will be more expensive then the Switchboxes. In the matter of functionality, design and comfort the price/performance ratio isn't to overtake.
Quickspool — quick loading and unloading of reels; quick, easy line changes on the water; easy handling in conjunction with rod and reel.
Travel  — select the lines you need for each outing, clip them together and throw them in your gear bag
Stack — clip them together for simple organisation out in the field and when you get back to base; label your switchboxes for easy line identification
Compact octagonal design that fits neatly in one hand yet will accommodate almost all fly lines
Sturdy but lightweight construction for durability, and you can still see what’s in them when they’re closed
Smooth, non abrasive line aperture in lid
Line guide in centre of spool for easy wind up and easy release on the way out (no clips, no slots).
Smooth revolution inside the box, designed to minimise overwind.
One-touch removable box lid; the ‘box can be opened one-handed.
Spool can be clipped to the outside of the Switchbox for use externally: the second half of the shell acts as a stand for winding / unwinding. This in turn can be attached to further stacked Switchboxes for support. Or you can just hold it down with your toes…
Clip lock system enables boxes to be stacked together for travel or storage
To use this system in their full potential you need at least one crank handle. Therefore we recommend one ouf our packages as a basis kit.
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Omnispool crank handle
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Omnispool Switchbox separately Line Storage
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