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Ahrex Stay Locked Snap
Ahrex Stay Locked Snap
Ahrex Stay Locked Snap
Ahrex Stay Locked Snap

Ahrex Stay Locked Snap


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Ahrex Stay Locked Snap

The hook experts at Ahrex know how essential a reliable connection between angler and fish is. That's why, in addition to a huge selection of suitable hook models for almost all types of fish, the Danes also have high-quality connectors in their range. This also includes the Ahrex Snap.

The Ahrex Stay Locked Snap is a sturdy connector and suitable for streamers and larger flies. It features the classic design of a carabiner and allows an easy and reliable connection between fly and fly line. The quick change of your pattern and a new stimulus often means in practice that a sceptical predator can be seduced to attack your fly after all. Another great advantage of this carabiner is that it saves you the hassle of tying knots and a lot of valuable fishing time (and nerves). The snap is easy to open, but the design prevents the fly from getting lost during fishing. The Ahrex Stay Locked Snap is recommended for flies from hook size #1/0 and up. Available in two sizes and a must have for predator anglers!



  • Stable hook connector
  • Fast change of streamer or fly
  • Made from high quality steel
  • For hook sizes #1/0 and up
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Contents: 8 pieces


SizeLengthDiameter SteelFinish
1 18.5 mm 0.50 mm Black Nickel
2 20.9 mm 0.62 mm Black Nickel