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Tippet Rings (Leader Rings)
Tippet Rings (Leader Rings)

Tippet Rings (Leader Rings)

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Tippet Rings (Leader Rings)

Tippet rings (leader rings) are a great solution to connect a leader/polyleader with a tippet. Just knot one of these small, slick rings on to your leader and afterwards attach a piece of tippet material. The big advantage: The expensive tapered leader doesn't get shorter each time you change your fly. Also when combining fluorocarbon with monofilament using a tippet ring is the easiest way. Otherwise you need to tie special knots, cause fluorocarbon cuts through nylon and will result in leader breaking.



  • 10 pcs/package
  • Diameter: 2mm
  • Strength: 10 kg