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Stroft ABR Tippet Leader 25m/Spool
Stroft ABR Tippet Leader 25m/Spool

Stroft ABR Tippet Leader 25m/Spool


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Content: 25 meter (€0.16 * / 1 meter)

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Stroft ABR Tippet Leader 25m/Spool

The Stroft ABR (= abrasion) is designed for maximum abrasion resistance at the same strength as the famous GTM material! This is achieved by compacting the surface of the monofilament which also leads to a higher UV protection.
If coarse rocks, sharp edges, corals etc. damage your leader faster than you would like, try Stroft ABR!

Colour: light brown transparent
Length: 25 m on tippet spool


0,10 mm 1,40 kg
0,12 mm 1,80 kg
0,14 mm 2,30 kg
0,15 mm 2,60 kg
0,16 mm 3,00 kg
0,18 mm 3,60 kg
0,20 mm 4,20 kg
0,22 mm 5,10 kg
0,25 mm 6,40 kg
0,28 mm 7,30 kg
0,30 mm 8,10 kg
0,35 mm 10,5 kg
0,40 mm 14,0 kg
0,45 mm 17,5 kg
0,50 mm 21,0 kg
About Stroft:

Established more than 45 years ago, the German manufacturer Stroft is known for high-quality fishing lines – made in Germany! This impressive selection includes the perfect leader material for all kinds of fly fishing and spin fishing techniques – whether mono, fluorocarbon or titan. In addition, Stroft also offers premium braided lines and running lines. In fact, all of these lines have one thing in common: their outstanding quality with absolutely no imperfections. Therefore, these lines are an extremely reliable connection between you and the fish of your lifetime!