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Scientific Anglers Nylon Freshwater Tippet
Scientific Anglers Nylon Freshwater Tippet
Scientific Anglers Nylon Freshwater Tippet
Scientific Anglers Nylon Freshwater Tippet

Scientific Anglers Nylon Freshwater Tippet


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Scientific Anglers Nylon Freshwater Tippet

For years, tippet materials were marketed as being something they weren’t. The diameters, breaking strengths, and performance just weren’t accurate.

Instead of throwing out some doubtful measured values, Scientific Anglers tested their new tippets conscientious and found them to be the strongest and most reliable they have ever created, with the highest knot strength of anything they tested.

With up to 35% increased strength, you will experience a new level of SA Freshwater Nylon Tippet – and fish the truth.


  • Up to 35% stronger than previous material
  • The highest wet-knot strength in the industry
  • True-to-spec X sizes
  • Length: 30-meter spools in all sizes
  • Spool diameter: 7,5 cm (from size 35lb and larger supplied on a larger spool)
  • Low memory, high abrasion resistance, maximum knot strength
  • Patented cutter spool design
  • Colour coded for easy identification
8X 0,08 mm 0,6 kg
7X 0,10 mm 1,0 kg
6X 0,13 mm 1,5 kg
5X 0,15 mm 2,2 kg
4X 0,17 mm 2,7 kg
3X 0,20 mm 3,9 kg
2X 0,23 mm 4,4 kg
1X 0,25 mm 5,8 kg
0X 0,28 mm 6,8 kg
20lb 0,33 mm 9,1 kg
25lb 0,38 mm 11,3 kg
35lb 0,43 mm 15,9 kg
40lb 0,48 mm 18,1 kg
50lb 0,58 mm 22,7 kg
60lb 0,64 mm 27,2 kg
65lb 0,69 mm 29,5 kg
About Scientific Anglers:

The American manufacturer Scientific Anglers is known for innovative fly lines that are always ahead of their time. This success story started in 1952 with a ground-breaking invention: the first plastic-coated fly line. In the same manner, Scientific Anglers continues to strive for improvement and innovation. The result of this inspiring company philosophy is an impressive range of premium fly lines and accessories. In addition to modern fly lines, this selection also includes shooting heads, running lines and all kinds of leaders. Therefore, Scientific Anglers offers the perfect line for every type of fishing – whether you’re fishing a trout stream or a saltwater flat!