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ArcticSilver Fluorcarbon Tippet on Spool
ArcticSilver Fluorcarbon Tippet on Spool
ArcticSilver Fluorcarbon Tippet on Spool
ArcticSilver Fluorcarbon Tippet on Spool
ArcticSilver Fluorcarbon Tippet on Spool
ArcticSilver Fluorcarbon Tippet on Spool
ArcticSilver Fluorcarbon Tippet on Spool
ArcticSilver Fluorcarbon Tippet on Spool

ArcticSilver Fluorcarbon Tippet on Spool


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Content: 50 meter (€0.40 * / 1 meter)

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ArcticSilver Fluorcarbon Tippet on Spool

Arctic Silver has nothing to hide when it comes to leader material. Especially their fluorocarbon is used by many passionate sea trout and salmon anglers. The high-quality raw material of this leader material was 100% manufactured in Japan and is processed state-of-the-art technology. The breaking strain on each respective diameter is very convincing and with the practical 50 m spool, which can be stacked with other spools thanks to an interlocking system, plenty of reliable leaders can be knotted. The elastic rubber bands prevent unwanted unrolling off the spool and protect the material from direct sunlight.

Fluorocarbon offers a number of advantages over conventional monofilament nylon: On the one hand, FC has a similar refractive index to water and becomes almost invisible when submerged. Especially in crystal clear water when fish might be spooked easily this plays an important role and nylon often cannot keep up. On the other hand, fluorocarbon has a higher density and sinks in slightly, while nylon floats on the surface and draws a furrow into the surface film. For these reasons and also because of its higher abrasion resistance FC is often used for salmon, streamer or nymph fishing. Fluorocarbon has also become the first choice for many fly anglers in saltwater, where obstacles in the water can often cause additional friction - both on the local coasts or in the tropics. In addition, fluorocarbon is much more UV-resistant than nylon, and its breaking strain does not decrease even with prolonged use. 

With a wide range of diameters, the material of Arctic Silver covers all common application scenarios and is a clear recommendation due to its great breaking strain, knot strength and overall quality! Furthermore, you do something good when buying Arctic Silver products, because 1% of the profit goes back to the planet. Here you will find the current supported projects.


  • Suitable for fresh- and saltwater
  • Great breaking strain
  • Nearly invisible under water
  • Sinks into the water thanks to high material density
  • High abrasion resistance
  • UV-resistant (even after long exposure to sunlight the breaking strain is not reduced)
  • Practical interlocking spool system
  • Material: 100% Japanese fluorocarbon
  • Color: clear with minimal light reflection
  • Length: 50 m
  • Partner of the "1% for the planet" initiative


DiameterBreaking StrainSize
0,115 mm 1,1 kg / 2,5 lbs 7X
0,156 mm 1,7 kg / 3,75 lbs 5X
0,172 mm 2,3 kg / 5 lbs 4X
0,19 mm 2,8 kg / 6,2 lbs 3X
0,226 mm 3,8 kg / 8,4 lbs 2X
0,249 mm 4,6 kg / 10 lbs 1X
0,29 mm 6 kg / 13 lbs 0X
0,343 mm 7,8 kg / 17 lbs 01X
0,409 mm 10,3 / 23 lbs kg 04X
About ArcticSilver:

First of all, the Norwegian manufacturer ArcticSilver is known for a truly innovative range of fly rods. All of these rods have one unique feature in common: the so-called Free-Flex-System including the Quick-Lock reel seat. This patented design allows the blank to swing inside the handle, which creates outstanding casting and fish fighting properties. In fact, ArcticSilver offers many different models that are suitable for a variety of different fly fishing disciplines – whether casting delicate dry flies for trout or massive streamers for large predators. In addition, ArcticSilver also presents a large selection of modern fly lines that have a very thin diameter due to their so-called Micro Diameter (MD) design. This design allows record-breaking casting distances thanks to minimum friction in the rod guides and hardly any air resistance. In fact, these advantages are not only noticeable in combination with an ArcticSilver fly rod, but also with rods from other manufacturers.