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Spro Crimping Pliers
Spro Crimping Pliers

Spro Crimping Pliers

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Spro Crimping Pliers

Use these pliers to create your own steel wire tippets for pike & Co. in whatever lengths you need them. Also choose your preferred connections like swivel, carbine or loop to loop.



  • Two sizes of crimping with built-in staking dies
  • Lenght: 14 cm
  • Material: forged and hardened stainless steel with resistant nickel finish
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Ideal for saltwater use as well



More information about pike leaders on adh-world:

„Have you ever had bloody experiences with pike teeth? These razor blades cut skin with ease and so they do with every normal tippet material. Besides getting angry about loosing flies, the real damage goes to the pike which might die with a big streamer blocking its mouth. At least that fact should motivate everyone to rig up suitable when fishing pike waters. But which leader setup is the right one?“

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