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Scientific Anglers Fluorocarbon Tippet
Scientific Anglers Fluorocarbon Tippet
Scientific Anglers Fluorocarbon Tippet Connected Spools (Example)
Connected Spools (Example)

Scientific Anglers Fluorocarbon Tippet


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Content: 30 meter (€0.57 * / 1 meter)

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Scientific Anglers Fluorocarbon Tippet

For years, tippet materials were marketed as being something they weren’t. The diameters, breaking strengths, and performance just weren’t accurate.

Instead of throwing out some doubtful measured values, Scientific Anglers tested their tippets conscientious and found them to be the strongest and most reliable they have ever created, with the highest knot strength of anything they tested.

With up to 35% increased strength, you will experience a new level of SA Fluorocarbon Tippet – and fish the truth. Compared to a nylon tippet, fluorocarbon material is ultra low visible. It is your choice when fishing for spooky trout or any other species in gin clear waters.


  • The ultimate in ultra-low visibility
  • Up to 35% stronger than previous material
  • The highest wet-knot strength in the industry
  • True-to-spec X sizes
  • Length: 30-meter spools in all sizes
  • Spool diameter: 7,5 cm (from size 30lbs and up supplied on a larger spool)
  • Low memory, high abrasion resistance, maximum knot strength
  • Patented cutter spool design
  • Colour coded for easy identification
7X 0,10 mm 0,9 kg
6X 0,13 mm 1,4 kg
5X 0,15 mm 1,9 kg
4X 0,18 mm 2,5 kg
3X 0,20 mm 3,2 kg
2X 0,23 mm 3,9 kg
1X 0,25 mm 4,9 kg
0X 0,28 mm 6,0 kg
16lbs 0,33 mm 7,2 kg
20lbs 0,38 mm 9,0 kg
25lbs 0,43 mm 11,3 kg
30lbs 0,48 mm 13,6 kg
35lbs 0,53 mm 15,9 kg
40lbs 0,58 mm 18,1 kg
50lbs 0,63 mm 22,7 kg
60lbs 0,76 mm 27,2 kg
80lbs 0,83 mm 36.3 kg