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Sufix Zippy Hard Mono Predator Leader
Sufix Zippy Hard Mono Predator Leader

Sufix Zippy Hard Mono Predator Leader


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€14.90 *
Content: 100 meter (€0.15 * / 1 meter)

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Sufix Zippy Hard Mono Predator Leader

Made with a super copolymer, Zippy is a step above traditional nylon mono leaders. Whether you are fishing the reef or chasing tarpon in Florida, such a strong and thick leader is a must have. Corals and sharp teeth work hard on them, so better go for a thicker one. They will perform better than a thin tapered leader because they trasmit more power when casting big and brushy flies. You can either tie it directly to your fly line or use a short piece of shock tippet inbetween so your fly line doesen't break first if there is too much pressure on the line.


  • Nylon Hard Mono
  • Clear transparent
  • Easy to knot
  • Big spool for less line memory
12 lbs (5,44 kg) 0,35 mm 100 m
15 lbs (6,80 kg) 0,40 mm 100 m
20 lbs (9,07 kg) 0,45 mm 100 m
30 lbs (13,61 kg) 0,50 mm 100 m
40 lbs (18,14 kg) 0,55 mm 100 m
50 lbs (22,68 kg) 0,60 mm 100 m
60 lbs (27,22 kg) 0,70 mm 100 m
80 lbs (36,28 kg) 0,80 mm 100 m
100 lbs (45,36 kg)
0,90 mm 80 m