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Soldarini Fly Tackle Czech 5 Drop Indicator Sighter orange / yellow
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Soldarini Fly Tackle Czech 5 Drop Indicator Sighter pink / chartreuse
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Soldarini Fly Tackle Czech 5 Drop Indicator Sighter


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Soldarini Fly Tackle Czech 5 Drop Indicator Sighter

Tightline nymphing techniques (e.g. 'French Nymphing' or more generalized 'Euro Nymphing') don't require traditional strike indicators swimming on the surface. Otherwise, the nymph close to the bottom would be dragged and accelerated unnaturally. Instead, a 'sighter' is put in between leader and tippet. Neither this sighter is able to carry the nymph through the drift in a specific depth nor does it indicate the take in the first place. In tight-line nymphing takes are felt, due to special rigs, leaders and sensitive rods (class #2 - #4).

This Czech Drop Indicator by Soldarini Fly Tackle is used to follow the leader and the drift better. The two-tone monofil is highly visible, whatever the color of the background might be. Five drops enhance the visibility even more. Between Tippet and sighter, you can use a tippet ring or a perfection loop on the end of the fluo colored nylon.

The diameter of 0.20mm is perfect to combine the Czech Drop Indicator with Soldarini's nymph leaders or a self-made leader built with Soldarini's leader material. The tippet should be between 0.18 mm and 0.10mm depending on water speed and target fish.

A typical tight-line nymphing rig looks: Euro Nymph leader (at least 10 ft.) + Czech Drop Indicator + 150cm up to 200cm tippet

If you want to build your own sighter you can use Soldarini's Two-Tone Indicator Line instead.


  • Two-tone nylon indicator line
  • 5 drops for improved visibility
  • Fluo-colors
  • Diameter: 0.20 mm
  • Content: 1 pcs/pack
About Soldarini Fly Tackle:

The Italian manufacturer Soldarini Fly Tackle is known for innovative products with a practice-oriented design. Due to their involvement in the international competition scene, the developers from Soldarini place great emphasis on functionality. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that these products are very popular – especially for modern nymphing techniques. In addition to fantastic rods and reels, Soldarini also offers lines and leaders for targeting trout and grayling with all kinds of techniques. Further, this extensive product range also includes an outstanding selection of flies that are tied on high-quality hooks in a very durable way. Last but not least, the Italian manufacturer also offers modern high-quality fly tying materials with an impressive value for money.