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Stroft GTM Tapered Leader 12 ft 3-Pack
Stroft GTM Tapered Leader 12 ft 3-Pack

Stroft GTM Tapered Leader 12 ft 3-Pack


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€15.90 *
Content: 11,25 meter (€1.41 * / 1 meter)

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Stroft GTM Tapered Leader 12 ft 3-Pack

The popular Stroft GTM Tapered Leader in a pack of 3. Less packaging, better for the environment!

Tapred Leaders with a 12 ft. length (3,65 m) are great for delicate presentation and long distance casts. If Trout and Grayling are spooky and you need to keep some distance: This is your leder of choice! Besides that we do recommend 12 ft. leaders for longer rods too.

Stroft from Germany is well-known to be one of the most reliable monofilaments on the market today. Their GTM tapered leaders are made with the most modern technologies and feature a super smooth silicon/teflon surface. This conical nylon leader is very popular amongst fly fishers for its superior knot strength, low memory and great turnover. Due to its blue transparent color and its durable ability to ride high on the water, the Stroft GTM is a great choice for dry fly fishing especially.


  • Knotless tapered nylon leader
  • Great turnover
  • High knot strength
  • Color: blue transparent
  • Content: 3 pc./Pack
Dia­meter (Tip)StrengthDia­meter (Belly)Size
0,10 mm 1,2 kg 0,40 mm 7X
0,12 mm 1,6 kg 0,44 mm 6X
0,14 mm 2,2 kg 0,50 mm 5X
0,17 mm 2,9 kg 0,52 mm 4X
0,20 mm 3,6 kg 0,54 mm 3X
0,22 mm 4,3 kg 0,56 mm 2X
0,25 mm 5,3 kg 0,58 mm 1X
0,27 mm 6,3 kg 0,60 mm 0X
0,32 mm 7,5 kg 0,66 mm 02X
0,37 mm 9,0 kg 0,70 mm 04X
0,42 mm 11,0 kg 0,72 mm 06X
About Stroft:

Established more than 45 years ago, the German manufacturer Stroft is known for high-quality fishing lines – made in Germany! This impressive selection includes the perfect leader material for all kinds of fly fishing and spin fishing techniques – whether mono, fluorocarbon or titan. In addition, Stroft also offers premium braided lines and running lines. In fact, all of these lines have one thing in common: their outstanding quality with absolutely no imperfections. Therefore, these lines are an extremely reliable connection between you and the fish of your lifetime!