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Guideline EGOR Fluorcarbon on Spool
Guideline EGOR Fluorcarbon on Spool

Guideline EGOR Fluorcarbon on Spool


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Content: 50 meter (€0.40 * / 1 meter)

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Guideline EGOR Fluorcarbon on Spool
EGOR is a 100% pure fluorocarbon material with properties that will improve your flyfishing in many ways. This material is a bit stiffer than normal mono, which helps the leader to turn over better. During a speycast, the leader will anchor better in the water because of its density.

EGOR is virtually invisible in the water and reduce reflexes from light by up to 60%! Water doesn’t penetrate the material and the density of fluorocarbon makes it sink up to three times faster than monofilament. This fluorocarbon is rated as one of the most expensive qualities, but also one of the very best on the market today. It has an outstanding knot-strength, little elongation and is extremely abrasion resistant.
Size 0,43 mm and higher contains 30m per spool.
0,11 mm 1,1 kg 7X
0,12 mm 1,3 kg 6,5X
0,13 mm 1,6 kg 6X
0,14 mm 2,7 kg 5X
0,165 mm 2,5 kg 4,5X
0,18 mm 2,8 kg 4X
0,20 mm 3,4 kg 3X
0,23 mm 4,4 kg 2X
0,26 mm 5,1 kg 1X
0,28 mm 6,6 kg 0X
0,33 mm 8,2 kg  
0,37 mm 10,0 kg  
0,40 mm 11,6 kg  
0,43 mm 12,9 kg  
0,47 mm 13,9 kg  
0,52 mm 18,8 kg