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Fulling Mill Tube Fly Wiggle Tail Trace Rig
Fulling Mill Tube Fly Wiggle Tail Trace Rig

Fulling Mill Tube Fly Wiggle Tail Trace Rig

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Fulling Mill Tube Fly Wiggle Tail Trace Rig

A single hooked wiggle tail trace rig, to be used in conjunction with Fulling Mill Pike Tube Flies. Slide the loop of the trace through the plastic tube of your fly and seat the eye of the hook in the rear of the tube. The trace is then attached 'Loop to Loop' to your fluorocarbon leader.

This rig is composed of a 26lb 49 strand nylon coated wire trace with heat welded loops, the sharpest 4/0 super strong predator hook and the finest single strand titanium wire attached to a clip to take your choice of wiggle tail. This is the perfect set up to use with smaller pike tube flies and also for water with a 'single hook only' rule. The trace wire is 2ft / 60cm long.


  • Leader: 49 strand nylon coated wire
  • Hook: Sharp and super strong predator hook in #4/0
  • Connection: toothproof titanium wire
  • Strength: 26lb
  • Length: 2ft (60cm)
About Fulling Mill:

Established in the early 1930s, the British manufacturer Fulling Mill is known for high-quality flies. In addition to countless modern patterns, this impressive selection also includes many timeless classics. In fact, all of these flies have one thing in common: their outstanding quality. Therefore, they consist of premium hooks and high-quality materials tied in a very durable way. Summarized, Fulling Mill offers the perfect flies for every type of fishing – whether you’re fishing a trout stream or a saltwater flat!