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Opst Fluorocarbon Tippet Material
Opst Fluorocarbon Tippet Material
Opst Fluorocarbon Tippet Material
Opst Fluorocarbon Tippet Material
Opst Fluorocarbon Tippet Material
Opst Fluorocarbon Tippet Material

Opst Fluorocarbon Tippet Material


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Content: 30 meter (€0.83 * / 1 meter)

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Opst Fluorocarbon Tippet Material

That the clever minds behind OPST are not only familiar with shooting head systems, they have already proven several times with their popular rods, running lines and smart accessories.

With the new Mega Strong Fluorocarbon, the Americans show once again that they have intensively studied a topic before launching a new product on the market. The result of long material research and many field tests: A Japanese fluorocarbon of the extra class. Not just strong, but mega strong! And it is exactly this self-confidence that gives us a lot of trust on the water when we fire our flies cast after cast into the elements.

We like to fish the new Fluorocarbon especially when there is a lot of wind, when a body of water has a lot of structure and in particularly clear conditions. The smooth surface offers perfect knotting characteristics, excellent knot strength and high abrasion protection. The medium stiff material also has wonderful "turn-over" properties, so that even weighted, bushy flies always land stretched out on the target.


Advantages of Fluorocarbon:

Like any other FC, OPST's fluorocarbon has two major advantages: First, FC has a comparable light refractive index to water. This means that leaders made of FC are almost invisible in the water. In crystal clear waters, it therefore often has the edge over conventional leaders made of nylon (monofilament). Secondly, fluorocarbon sinks easily, while nylon floats on the surface. For this reason, and also because of its higher abrasion resistance, FC is often used where stones or other structures create danger during the fight.

That they OPST has given a lot of thought to this leader material, they also prove with the packaging design. A waterproof label, a thick rubber band for fixing material and spools that can be plugged together make life on the water much easier. The rubber bands are each color-coded, so you can find the appropriate breaking strain at the very first glance.



  • Fluorocarbon Made in Japan
  • High breaking strain
  • High knot strength
  • Smooth surface
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Waterproof label
  • Robust rubber band with color code fixes the material on the spool
  • Spools can be stacked together


DiameterBreaking StrainLength
 0,235 mm
8 lbs 30 m
 0,260 mm
10 lbs 30 m
 0,285 mm
12 lbs 30 m
 0,330 mm
16 lbs 25 m
 0,370 mm
18 lbs 25 m
 0,405 mm
20 lbs 25 m