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Scierra Salmon Integrated II DH Fly Line Floating Sink1
Scierra Salmon Integrated II DH Fly Line Floating Sink1

Scierra Salmon Integrated II DH Fly Line Floating Sink1


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Scierra Salmon Integrated II DH Fly Line Floating Sink1

It doesn't always have to be a shooting head! A full line can also be used for modern Salmon fishing. Thanks to longer rear taper, the advantage is a very harmonious loop pattern and the possibility of stripping the head (if necessary) into the rings.

The Salmon Integrated II series from Scierra is an ideal mixture of a shooting head and a classic fly line. These heads are between 10.8m to 12m long and taper like typical Scandinavian Spey heads - except for a slightly longer taper towards the running line. The qualities of a classic weight forward line come from the fact that the coated running line is fused to the head and its diameter is such that you get optimum line control. Both when casting and when controlling the line in the water, e.g. when mending.

Die Foalting/Sink 1 Varianten der Integrated II ist eine perfekte Schnurwahl für stabile, normale Wasserstände beim Lachsangeln. Ebenso bietet es sich an, die Schnur in den schnelleren Passagen zu verwenden, wo der Sink 1 Kopf die Fliege immer noch leicht unter der Oberfläche hält. Für die Verwendung eines Sink-Tip der Sinkrate 1-5 ist es ebenso ein Vorteil, wenn die Schnur bereits einen sinkenden Teil hat, da man durch das gleichmäßige Absinken der Kombination eine bessere Kontrolle zur Fliege behält. All lines feature welded loops at both ends and a line ID label with the most important info about the model.

A fly line with a crisp head for Ssalmon fishing with the two-handed rod: the Scierra Salmon Integrated II DH. A real value-for-money winner for many situations on the Salmon river!


  • Mixture of shooting head and full line
  • Longer rear taper for harmonious loops and full line control
  • Welded loops for quick and easy installation
  • Line-ID for easy identification
  • Sink rate: Floating/Sink 1
  • Total length: 30 m
  • Colour: Green/Spring-Green/White


ClassHead WeightLength Head
# 8 30 g 10,8 m
# 9 34 g 11,4 m
# 10 38 g 12,0 m