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Rio Elite Skagit Max Launch Floating
Rio Elite Skagit Max Launch Floating
Rio Elite Skagit Max Launch Floating
Rio Elite Skagit Max Launch Floating
Rio Elite Skagit Max Launch Floating
Rio Elite Skagit Max Launch Floating
Rio Elite Skagit Max Launch Floating

Rio Elite Skagit Max Launch Floating


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€75.90 *
Content: 7 meter (€10.84 * / 1 meter)

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Rio Elite Skagit Max Launch Floating

Skagit shooting heads are short, aggressive heads that create a lot of enthusiasm, especially when fishing for steelhead. The short, heavy heads are extremely easy to get distance from, even with too less backspace. In addition, Skagit heads make it possible to cast very heavy flies as well as fast-sinking tips. The advantage of short heads does not only pay off in steelhead fishing. On many smaller Danish rivers Skagit heads are more and more used for salmon and sea trout hunting. And with success!

The Rio Elite Skagit Max Launch is 7m - 7.6m short shooting head with a unique weight distribution to load switch and two-handed rods long and deep for maximum casting distances. In this case, the head's cleverly designed taper seamlessly transfers power into the sink tip and to the fly, making incredibly tight, powerful loops possible that maintain full power until the fly is stretched. Due to the low stretch core of the line, you get incredible sensitivity in the cast but also with every little contact on the fly, allowing you to achieve optimal hooking performance. The RIO Skagit head features RIO's new SlickCast Coating, the smoothest and most durable coating for fly lines on the market.

If you had to give the Skagit Max Launch a motto, this would probably be - full speed ahead!

Rio Technology:

  • Slick Cast
    The name says it all! With this new technology, Rio has really shaken up the fly line market. Rio itself promotes it as the smoothest coating on the market. Shootability, noise minimization and durability of the line are improved. We ourselves found the lines so smooth that we had to rein ourselves in a bit at first to avoid overshooting the metaphorical mark. So we can subscribe to Rio's claim
  • DirectCore Plus
    The low stretch braided core for saltwater lines gives you ultimate control over your streamer. The braid is strong and supple in equal measure, offering unrestricted performance even in hot conditions. The stretch is reduced by about 30% compared to other lines, so the hook can be set immediately even at long distances.


  • Powerful Skagit shooting head
  • Easy handling and extreme casting distances
  • Transports even heavy flies and sink tips
  • EasyID: A clear labeling for quick and easy identification of the line - confusion impossible!
  • Extremely reliable, welded loops at both ends
  • SlickCast: The smoothest and most durable coating on the market for superior casting performance and impressive longevity!
  • Connect Core: Extremely low-stretch core for perfect power transmission during casting, effective hook setting and direct contact with the fly!
  • Floating
  • Color: Aqua / Blue


# 6
7 m (23 ft)  26 g (400 grain)
# 6
7 m (23 ft) 27,5 g (425 grain)
# 6/7
7 m (23 ft) 29 g (450 grain)
# 7
7 m (23 ft) 30,5 g (475 grain)
# 7
7 m (23 ft) 32 g (500 grain)
# 7/8
7 m (23 ft) 33,5 g (525 grain)
# 8
7 m (23 ft) 35 g (550 grain)
# 8
7,3 m (24 ft) 36,5 g (575 grain)
# 8/9
7,3 m (24 ft) 39 g (600 grain)
# 9
7,3 m (24 ft) 40,5 g (625 grain)
# 9
7,6 m (25 ft) 42 g (650 grain)
# 9/10
7,6 m (25 ft) 43,5 g (675 grain)
# 10
7,6 m (25 ft) 45 g (700 grain)
# 10/11
7,6 m (25 ft) 47 g (725 grain)
# 11
7,6 m (25 ft) 48,5 g (750 grain)
About Rio:

Established back in 1990, the American manufacturer Rio Products is known worldwide for premium fly lines. They are made in Idaho (USA) and they set new standards in many different ways due to the patented Rio technologies. In fact, they offer a truly outstanding performance and great durability. Therefore, they will easily please the most demanding fly fishermen. In addition to modern fly lines, this impressive selection also includes shooting heads, running lines and all kinds of leaders. Therefore, Rio offers the perfect line for every type of fishing – whether you’re fishing a trout stream or a saltwater flat!