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Guideline 4D Compact Body Shooting Head
Guideline 4D Compact Body Shooting Head
Guideline 4D Compact Body Shooting Head
Guideline 4D Compact Body Shooting Head
Guideline 4D Compact Body Shooting Head
Guideline 4D Compact Body Shooting Head
Guideline 4D Compact Body Shooting Head
Guideline 4D Compact Body Shooting Head
Guideline 4D Compact Body Shooting Head
Guideline 4D Compact Body Shooting Head

Guideline 4D Compact Body Shooting Head


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Guideline 4D Compact Body Shooting Head

With the Power Taper 4D shooting heads, the Salmon and Sea Trout experts from Guideline in Norway have developed a sophisticated system that covers the vast majority of scenarios on the fishing water. The selection of different lengths and weights is perfectly matched to single-handed rods, shorter two-handed rods and switch rods.

The 4D Compact System offers a complete selection of bodies and tips. 4D Compact Bodies are available in Floating and Float/Sink 3 versions. They have a strong, compact taper and are super easy to use with both Scandi-style and Skagit-style casts. The length of the bodies ranges from 5.0 to 5.4 meters, varying slightly depending on the model, making them perfect for use with rods 14 ft. and shorter. Combined with the recommended tip and a leader of the right length, they are very easy to fish and cast far and accurately with both small and large flies.

For optimum performance, combine this shooting head for your one-handed, switch or two-handed rod with Guidelines 4D Compact Double Density Tips. These tips are available in 10 ft. (7g) and 12 ft. (7g and 9g). 4D Compact Bodies come in a variety of weights and are built on a strong 30 lbs Direct Contact™ core. All bodies and tips are equipped with the industry's strongest and factory-made loops on both ends and are color-coded. This makes it very easy to find the tip that matches the head. Additionally, there is a Line ID imprint on the back end for quick identification.

For us, these heads are the best example  of 'Easy To Cast' and a real addition to Guideline's lineup. They are short, but extremely stiff. They are incredibly stable in the air and cast very accurately. The team at Guideline has spent a lot of time fine tuning the weight balance to optimize them for both casting and fishing. The ability to stay balanced yet powerful enough to cleanly turn-over and cast even bushy, wind-resistant flies farther than you would think possible with such short lines make the 4D Compact Shooting Heads a great option for Salmon and Sea Trout anglers on the river.


Tip: In our opinion, the 4D Compact Bodies are also particularly well suited for pike fishing. The compact taper and the possibility to cover all water depths by combining it with a matching tip makes the shooting head system from Guideline a very attractive alternative to conventional pike lines. Thanks to the taper of the heads, large, bushy streamers are transported very effectively and are easy to cast. A great option for all predator anglers who like to fish with shooting heads. And with the ability to loop in different tips, you'll save money on your bottom line.


TLT (Triple Layer Technology) & Direct Contact™ Core
Complex, multiple density and hardness in the coating of these shooting heads provide a unique casting experience. A new, revolutionary chemical formula and three different coating materials control both hardness and memory and density in different parts of the lines. This results in better casting performance, more efficient fishing and bite detection, and increased durability. Triple Layer Technology (TLT) gives Guideline the ability to build lines that float well and repel water better and more effectively than any line Guideline has produced before. Built on braided Direct Contact™ Core with only 6% elongation.


Eco Advantages
Guidelines eco-vision is 'Clean All the Way', which means that the Norwegians pollute the environment as little as possible. This fly line has a polyurethane coating instead of PVC, which releases harmful plasticizers (phthalates) into the water. Guidelines boxes are also made from recycled paper with a water-based UV coating, and all plastic spools have been removed from the packaging. The result is that you get the 'cleanest' and most environmentally friendly fly line on the market.



  • Short one-handed and two-handed shooting heads
  • Powerful, compact taper with strong turnover and high shooting power
  • Super durable loops on both ends
  • Line ID for quick line identification
  • Color code for easy identification
  • Ideal for shorter two-handed rods, switch rods and single-handed rods (14 ft. and shorter)

4D Concept:

  • Improved depth control and sink rate
  • Facilitates the lifting of the line from or out of the water
  • Results in high control over the swing
  • Reduced risk of line hang-ups on the bottom


Combining correctly made easy:

All 4D Compact shooting heads must be combined with a matching tip. Both the shooting heads and the tips of the Guidelines 4D Compact shooting head system are equipped with a color code that facilitates the selection of matching body/tip combinations. The following applies: identical colors result in a balanced system (see table).


ClassBelly WeightBelly LengthColor Code
4D Compact Body SH #7/8 12 g/ 185 gr 5,0 m Magenta
4D Compact Body SH #7/8/9 14 g/ 216 gr 5,0 m Blue/Magenta
4D Compact Body SH #8/9/10 16 g/ 247 gr 5,0 m Green/Blue
4D Compact Body SH #9/10 + DH #6/7 18 g/ 278 gr 5,2 m Green/Red
4D Compact Body DH #6/7/8 20 g/ 310 gr 5,2 m Red/Yellow
4D Compact Body DH #7/8 22 g/ 340 gr 5,4 m Yellow
4D Compact Body DH #8/9 25 g/ 385 gr 5,4 m Orange
4D Compact Body DH #9/10 29 g/ 447 gr 5,4 m Light Green