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Ultimate X Backing green
Ultimate X Backing green

Ultimate X Backing green


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Content: 1 running meter

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Ultimate X Backing green
One of the best backing materials available! Its diameter-strength-ratio is outstanding and it is extremely abrasion resistant. Perfect to be used both in fresh- and saltwater.
The smooth surface of the backing prevents any damage to the rings, even under the most extreme loads. Ultimate-X is ideal for all types of fishing where the going gets really tough, e.g. in the tropics.
Due to the small diameter, you are always in direct contact with the fish, so changes of direction can be mastered without any problems. The backing capacity of the existing reel can also be doubled, with a higher carrying capacity at the same time. All fly fishers who are looking for a high-end solution in the area of backing for extreme fishing have come to the right place!
Load + Diameter:
  • 10kg Diameter 0,15mm (a good solution for trout or sea trout when there is not much space for backing on the reel)
  • 22kg Diameter 0,27mm
  • 32kg Diameter 0,31mm
  • 39kg Diameter 0,38mm
  • 51kg Diameter 0,42mm
  • 67kg Diameter 0,46mm
  • Color: green
  • Maximal run length: 2000m
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